He reaches out and punches me in the chest.

"Pervert, look at my naked mate again and I will take your head off."

He says it with a wink. I know I have given him some hope tonight. Something positive to think about while we are probably heading to end his father's life.


My father, James and I, along with the two allied Alphas, Deacon and George and his beta Kane head off with 4 other members of the Lunar pack, shifting into wolf form as we run. We head towards the janitor closet light and look for the external heating vent.

Sure enough, a small square vent is located about 10 steps to the left of where the window is, behind all the small shrubs and bushes. James bends down and grabs the vent with his mouth and takes it clean off the outside of the wall.

Inside the dark tunnel behind the gate, we can see two yellow tinged eyes staring at us from the other end.

Jemma. She lets out a low quiet growl. James replies.

We start in one at a time. It is a tight fit. We can barely fit in the width of the tunnel and we each have to commando crawl along to get to the other end.

I did suggest we go in human form but father thought it safer like this. We aren't exactly sure what to expect once we are inside.

After a slow march through the tunnel, we each reach the end and join the waiting Jemma.
She links to her father who in turn links to my father.

"Jemma has found the scent of the girls and Jasper down the northern wing but did not venture down alone."

His voice booms in my head and James and I answer with a low growl.

"We need to get in and out with as little fuss as we can but we also can't all be in wolf form, in case we see a human patient or employee."

Good point. Father nudges James and I and we both shift. I see James red faced, staring at Jemma, she has already shifted and dressed and stands there, taking in his naked form. She wears a small grin.

I try not to laugh. At least she doesn't look disappointed.

She stalks into the closet and returns with nurses scrubs for us both. She keeps her eyes on James.

The remaining wolves stay as they are and we follow down the hall, wolves at the sides and the three of us in human form in the centre.

It's not long before we pick up the girls scents. And his...

I start to rush forward but James grabs my shoulder.

"Careful. We need to be smart about this. We may only get one shot."

He pats my shoulder reassuringly and I take a deep breath. Father nudges me with his muzzle as he stalks past.

We all follow.

There is only one door that has any light showing down this hallway. We all head towards it.

As we get within three feet of the door, two girls come stumbling out.

Both are bleeding. Both look terrified, as they basically fall out the door, the smaller one holding up the other.

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