Chapter 16

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Here is my casting for Jemma and James :)


Argent POV

We have been going in circles for half an hour. This place is a bloody fortress. The basement has no external windows or doors that we can find.

And not a word from Jemma as yet, I hope she finds something sooner rather than later. I have a sinking feeling that we are quickly running out of any spare time.

I am about to take my clothes off to shift when I hear a noise coming from inside the janitor closet window.

It's Jemma, I know her scent now.

"Hey? Argent, you there? I can't see you?"

I try to lift myself up enough to be able to see her face.

"Yeah I'm here. Find something ?"

Goddess I hope she has. Who knows what the maniac is doing down there with the girls.
Just the thought of it makes my body tremble and I feel the urge to shift and rip his throat out

Jemma snaps me out of it.

"There is a tunnel that extends from a grate in the hallway just down from this door. I was searching for heat panels or plumbing hatches. I took off the grate cover and climbed in to see if it lead outside and luckily, it did. It's small though, so you would need to come in one at a time. And..."

She pauses. What is she leaving out?

"And what?"

"We would need to find another exit. It would take too long for us all to get back out that way should something go wrong."

She is right. We would be sitting ducks waiting in the hallway like that.

But we need to get in.

"Ok, link to your dad and I'll do the same with mine. Maybe if half go in this way and the others keep looking for a better option?"

"That's what I was thinking. I'll stay and keep watch until you get in here, meet you there in 15 ."

I nod and she jumps down. She really is handy to have around. It's going to be awesome having her in the pack. I hope she and Aida get along.

If I get her out in time. When. When I get her out in time. Fuck.

I link to dad and the others while I'm running back to the woods. Father is waiting there with the other Alphas. I strip mid run and shift, leaving my clothes in pieces where they land. I don't care about possibly being naked later on. I will deal with that when I have to.

When I make it into the ruins , father is there with the two allied Alphas. They are all up to date on the plan. Jemma has linked to explain just as I did with father on my way here.

I fucking love being a wolf. Linking saves so much time.

James comes around the side of the wooded area in human form and I shift back into my human form as I reach father and the others.

They have all seen this plenty of times, too many times for any of us to be embarrassed anymore.

"Alpha, I would like to go in with you. I think I could help if need be, being with my fath... with Jasper."

He gives me a forlorn look. I hate that he has to deal with this.

I lean in to him and whisper while the Alphas confer.

"Jemma shifted before and I wasn't exactly looking, but damn she has a hot body!"

A small smile crosses his lips. That sure cheered him up. That's what best friends are for.

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