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@GhostlyMink asked; "what did you think of the marvel universe, if you even know what that is, what's your fav hero, and bish, if you say captain America I'm gonna slap you out of existence bcuz tony is the iconic quEEENNNN"

Bill: oh I really love that DeadPool guy or maybe Venom they're cool

Dipper: they're not technically heroes..??? I mean they are anti-heroes

Bill: oh whatever comic nerd. What's yours?

Dipper: if I say it then I would probably get slap out of existence

Mabel: I love captain marvel! And Thor! And Spider-Man! And Black Widow! I love them all.

Bill: oh yeah! Loki is the one I like too.

Dipper: he's not even a hero! He's a villain!

Bill: he's a great boi and you will shut up! Leave my smol boi alone!

Mabel: must protect Loki. He deserves everything

Bill: my second love.

Dipper: second?

Bill: you're my first.

Mabel: that is so cute. Alexa, can we get 500 votes?

Bill: remember reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram. But gold byyyeeeeee

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