(Daddy) welcome to the future

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Daddy emerges from the elevator on the Negative 4th floor. Up aboveground the vibe in the Tower is zen corporate garden. Down here its antiseptic, orderly. He takes a right and walks past five long windows, each one a view into an empty lab. He arrives at the sixth window, where Jorgan_t is standing, doing something on his screen.

Daddy looks through the window, on the other side of which is a plain white room, empty except for a stainless steel table on the center. "Am I late? Did I miss it? What's happening, what am I looking at."

Without looking up from his screen Jorgan_t points at the room as a door inside slides open.

"Oh they're bringing him in now?"

"They're bringing him in now," Jorgan_t says.

Two figures in full white hazmat suits enter, carrying a black body bag. They lay the bag on the table, unzip it, then lift the body out and place it on the table.

"How dead is he?" Daddy asks.

"Super. But not very," Jorgan_t says. "Fell, quote unquote, out a window, viral stunt gone wrong."

Daddy smiles. "Hilarious. Is he anybody?"

Jorgan_t shakes his head. "2k followers."

The men in hazmat suits leave, the door sealing behind them, as three zonnys emerge from underneath the table, crawling up on top of the body. They're each carrying wires, which they surgically insert into the body's chest and neck and forehead. The procedure complete, the zonnys disappear back underneath the table.

Jorgan_t is still fiddling with things on his screen.

Daddy looks over at him. "OK so, the data's all cleaned? Everything ready?"

Jorgan_t nods.

"Well OK, let's plug him in. This is it. Welcome to the future."

Jorgan_t swipes something on his screen and there's a low hum, all around them. Daddy can feel something in the air shift - an electricity that crawls across his skin, setting his hair on edge. A high-pitched whine starts to fill the hallway.

Then it starts: the body on the table shakes. Just once, almost imperceptibly, but then again, more visibly. As the whine climbs higher and the electricity becomes more intense, the body starts to vibrate, more and more, and then slowly starts to pixelate, as though large hunks of its molecules are being saved as low-quality jpgs. Various parts of the body pixelate and redefine themselves, moving in and out of definition, until the whine suddenly ratchets drastically up and the body explodes, all at once and in every direction.

The noise winds down and the air returns to normal, as blood and sinew and viscera drip in clumps down the glass. On the table is half a dead body and a the partial remains of a very broken skeleton.

Jorgan_t pauses and turns to Daddy to gauge his reaction.

Daddy raises his eyebrows. "Well,"



OK so...what just happened? We'll find out!!! But as you can see, Daddy is experimenting. He's up to something. And this book has "Ghost Show" in the title, soo... idk I can draw a map if necessary.

If you made it to the end of Episode One: thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Being chunked up into episodes, with the chapters functioning as scenes, is a little bit different, it's an experiment for me, so hopefully it's going ok for you so far but please tell me what you think and what your experience has been like so far.

In Episode Two Qannen & Qynka will have a night out at the club, get wild & f*ck shit up, but we'll also introduce a new character. Some random baby.

Please make my entire day by voting and comment. I would love if you would holler at me on twitter or Instagram. I'm here if you need anything. Thank you so much <3

 Thank you so much <3

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