(Qannen) the part where she goes up in flames

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Qannen is upside-down on the couch, the season finale to Recovery on her screen. Outside, the sky is charcoal, fading into a rainy slate as it approaches the edges of the horizon. There's something on fire in the Forest District.

bingey_effervezent is saying, words, building up to the final results. Qannen's screen is mostly taken up up the things people are saying to her, asking if she's worried about what's going to happen.

Qannen's thing was: Recovery is not really a binary win/lose thing. There are just different outcomes and the outcomes can mean whatever you want them to mean. OK being Loved, that's probably objectively the best """""" outcome. But who's to say a full reset wasn't just what a brand needed some days. Qannen assumed she would still be allowed to have a relationship of some kind with her sister, even if she could no longer be Qynka? But maybe not. But they'd figure it out.

Not to put negativity out there or cast aspersions on Qynka's narrative.

Qannen swipes some of the message out of the way so she can see bingey pouting, tilting his head in regret as he announces that Modo_the_grl is in fact the most Hated. Shocking. She seems to be the only one surprised by this news; her eyes go wide in terror as a visual overlay appears, all these random scenes from her life being deleted forever, a red line moving back to zero. She just manages to scream NO before she's engulfed in flames and disappeared. Bye, whatever your name was, whoever you were/are.

This leaves Lealualia and Qynka on the stage with bingey. The messages are flooding in now. This is bad. This is soooo bad. Girl is F*CKED. What are you gonna do. Do you need a roommate. Maybe we should team up, take your vibe in a whole new direction.

Qannen hears the sound of the front door unlocking and sliding open. She allows her eyes to glance away from the messages as she casually rolls over on the couch to see who's breaking & entering.

A man. Male. Tall, over 6 feet. Older. A bunch older. Cool glasses, silver hair, shiny black jacket with pink linking. Daddy for sure.

"Who are you," Qannen says.

"I'm your new Daddy."

Qannen takes her time considering his body. "You're hot."

He shrugs and motions to the other couch like OK if I sit?

She shrugs. "What happened to the old Daddy."

He shrugs and sits and then starts, feeling the cushions like they are way more comfy than he expected. It's a Linultima, so.

"Is this because of," Qannen waves her screen at him.

He half-nods but then winces like Almost, not quite. "Internal restructuring. Think of it like a relaunch."

"Wow spoilers," Qannen says, going back to her screen.

Daddy eyes Qannen's screen. "Oh shoot did I miss the part where she goes up in flames? We just redid the effects on that. How'd it look?"

"It was a little on the nose."

He nods, conceding the point. "It's supposed to be like a phoenix, you know, the whole consumed in flames thing. They just drop her through a whole in the floor and she lands out in the Thornes. Blank slate, just like her first day out of the Secure Future Building."

bingey is still saying whatever. Thanking sponsors, doing whatever he can to build tension and not actually give the people what they want. Now it's a montage of memories we have forged in watching this season of Recovery together.

"Things are changing, Qannen."

"Not fast enough."

"Faster than you think." He motions towards her screen. "You have some choices to make. About your brand."

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