Chapter 7 - Escape, Truths and Tears

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Hey guys! Firestorm40 here with a whole new chapter for you all. Not much else to say, so enjoy!


Jack had the boat land on the shore across from the kingdom. Once he did, he got out immediately while Rapunzel followed. She was really confused on why he seemed so distracted. "Jack, please tell me, is something wrong? Are you okay?" She asked again and he turned back to her.

"Punz, you know that I had gone on for thirty years without being seen right?" He answered with a question of his own.

This threw her off a little but she replied, "Yeah. Why?"

"To be honest, I was seen by someone once. This was eighteen years ago. And she was just a little baby girl. It was the princess of this kingdom. She had blonde hair like you with green eyes like yours," Jack was starting to get excited and placed his hands on Rapunzel's shoulders, "Don't you see, Punz? I think you were that baby girl! You must be the long lost princess!"

Rapunzel gave him a look and backed away, "What? No. I..." she trailed off and thought over his words. Her? The lost princess? That was impossible. She had lived with her mother since she was born. Her mother had given birth to her. She can't be the princess. "Jack, I don't know. I couldn't be..."

"Come on, Punz!" Jack said with a sharp sigh, "It totally makes sense! She disappeared eighteen years ago and you said your birthday is on this day. This is the exact same day the princess was born and the lanterns. You are now eighteen. And the fact you were the only one to see me before I took that potion, besides Hiccup and Merida, it has to be you. Don't you get it?"

Rapunzel merely stared up at him and glanced down, "Jack, I don't know. I mean I'm sure there are a lot of other girls out there who probably look like me. And any of them could be the princess. But I can't be. I mean, my mother was the one who gave birth to me. And she would never lie to me." She meant every word for she loved her mother dearly and just hearing what Jack said made it sound like Gothel was a liar.

Jack frowned at Rapunzel's words. Why is she even saying no to this? Now that he was looking at her more closely, she looked like that baby princess. He wondered why he never saw it before. But now was not the time to think of that. Right now, he had to convince Rapunzel that she was the princess.

"How do you even know she is your real mother?" Jack finally asked that caused Rapunzel to give him a look.

"Why would you even ask that? Of course she is my real mother. She knows what's best for me and she helped keep my hair safe."

"I don't know. I mean, she keeps you locked away in a tower and never lets you leave? A real mother wouldn't do that. But really, Punz, I can see the resemblance. You have to be that princess."

"Please stop saying that, Jack," Rapunzel said sharply, "You don't know my mother and I don't think I am the princess."

Jack had never heard Rapunzel speak harshly to him. He backed up and turned away from her. He felt frustrated himself. Why is she being naïve about this? He glanced down at his free hand while the other clung to his staff. He sighed before he turned, grabbed the satchel, and began to walk away.

"Jack? Where are you going?" Rapunzel called, as she watched him go. Despite being relatively annoyed of how Jack said about her mother, she felt concerned to see him walk off.

"I just...I just need to think. I'll be back." He replied, the tone in his voice indicating he wasn't very happy at the moment.

Rapunzel watched him walk across the beach and around a cliff. She saw him grab the satchel and a feeling in the pit of her stomach that he might leave. But no, he wouldn't. She felt Pascal climb onto her shoulder and he squeaked in worry. "It's okay, Pascal. Jack and I just had a little fight." She said reassuringly.

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