eight. Rude Boys

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I would’ve liked to say that I didn’t kiss Alexei back. That I didn’t feel as though my legs might give out from under me and that the only thing holding me up wasn’t the wall he had me pressed against.

But then, I’d be lying.

At first, as his lips met mine, I stood frozen, paralyzed by shock. I felt as though I’d been struck by lightning –or at least, I felt like what I imagined being struck by lightning felt like.

But when Alexei bit my lower lip, I came back to my senses, which were completely overwhelmed by him at the moment.

I momentarily forgot where I was and what I was supposed to be doing –namely working. My arms found their way around his neck and I was reminded just how good of a kisser he was.

Kissing Alexei didn’t make me see fireworks on the backs of my closed eyelids. It didn’t make butterflies bat their wings in my stomach. Instead, it made heat gather at the bottom of my belly and it made goose bumps break out all over my skin. It made me want to rip his clothes off and run my fingers over every single inch of his skin. I barely managed to gather enough restraint not to do so, since we were in a very public library after all. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to –desperately.

There was something about Alexei Romanov that made me lose all coherent thoughts and all sense of decency. And while a part of me was shaking its head in silent disapproval, the biggest part of me was too lost in our passionate make-out to mind.

Meanwhile, Alexei’s mouth left mine to slide down my neck and I gulped for air before I brought his face back to mine. The memories I had of him didn’t do him justice –his lips were softer than I remembered and his hands more adventurous than in my dreams. His mouth tasted like mint and he smelled like heaven –a trace of cologne over his scent, a unique melange that made me almost dizzy.

I was a complete mess of hormones when he pulled away and we were both breathing heavily as he rested his forehead against mine, his hands framing my face. I opened my eyes only when I regained a bit of countenance, which took me a considerable while. He was watching me; our gazes met and the current of attraction that shot down my spine made my breath catch in my throat. His eyes were completely disarming –it truly wasn’t fair. His irises were thin rings of gold-ish green around his dilated pupils and I felt as though if I stared into them long enough, I would be able to see straight into his mind. As though he could read my thoughts, he closed his eyes for a second precisely as that reflection flitted through my mind. He let out a shaky breath and I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who felt completely shaken.

And then, my suspicions assaulted me all at once, as I remembered the note stuck in the box of Pokémon cards, with that one letter which had seemed to mock me.

He took one step back before opening his eyes, which were now glinting mischievously –he still wasn’t smiling though. “Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk.” His voice was lower than before and it had a rough edge, just like when he –

I interrupted my thoughts before they ventured into a dangerous territory. After a heavy sigh and after rubbing my temples in an attempt to clear my head of the haze of desire that still clung to my thoughts, I looked up at him. “Talk about what?”

“About what happened two weeks ago.”

My gaze dropped to the ground almost instinctively as my cheeks warmed up. “What about it?” I muttered as my foot batted a nervous rhythm against the carpeted floor.

“Well, I’d like to address the fact that you lost your virginity that night.”

I almost choked on my own breath. “W-was it th-that obvious?” I still couldn’t look up at him.

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