Meet the Boys

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In a house in Pallet Town we zoom in and see a boy with raven coloured hair. currently he is sleeping and waiting for his alarm clock to wake him up. next to him is his always loyal companion Pikachu. The boys name is Ash .

In the other room we can see the brother of the other boy. this one has black hair and Blood/fire red eyes. his thrustworthy pokemon is currently sleeping in his pokeball. The boys name is Red 

In the neighboring house lives two other guys. both have brown hair with the first one having brown eyes while the other has blue ones. both boys Pokemon are sleeping for the moment. The two boys names are Hilbert and Nate.

In the last neighboring house there lives one boy whos hair is raven coloured, his eyes are a dark purple colour. his Pokemon are sleeping. The boys name is Ethan.

The boys share a secret. they are a skilled band that plays music. another secret is a born ability which makes them able to manipulate their voices(it basically means they can change the volume and age of their voice. thus making them able to sound different).

Ash and Red for the record are more the lead singers with Red sometimes playing a lead guitar. Ethan is the main guitarist of the group as he is the most skilled with one. Hilbert is the signature drummer, Hilbert also has made alot of the worlds beats earning him some small amounts of money. Nate is an all around player. he can play anything from the keyboard, trumpet, bass, violin, guitar and more. This formation is known(for the boys) as the Pokeband. The name suggests they make music based on pokemon which is entirely wrong. 

The boys are all at the age of 16 making them a little mature. however they don't care. Their families have given up on them all. and thus Ash and Red's mother Delia is always coming home drunk. Hilbert's mother and Nate's adoptive mother always abuses them throwing punches and kickes who almost always miss thanks to her always hiting her head. Ethan's mother is an all out A**hole. she refuses to call him by his name and on purpose forgets to call him down for dinner. 

It isn't better at school. the school has rules against bullying, however the school is terrible to find out about it. the newest teacher always acts like ha has caught the bully and forces students to admit things they haven't done. the teacher's wrath goes hardest on the Pokeband. he hates them and lies about them, saying they are hurting themselves for attention while he knows that his son and his friends do the actual bullying. 

Wrapping up the first chapter of this book. 

Please tell me what you think of this kind of story. 

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