(11) An Unexpected Meeting

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         The person, a lady wore a black cloak, a large backpack burdened her back, she wore typical jeans and had light brown hair, smooth and long as it fell over her shoulders. It was Aria!

 “Aria! Is that you,” I gasped.

 “P-Penus,” the girl moaned. “What the hell are you doing here!”

  “I could ask the same thing to you,” I yelled, “aren’t you supposed to be in the Kingdom of Cathel!”

 Aria got up and rubbed her head groggily, “ Your dad sent me! He just threw a backpack at me and told me to teleport here! The nerve! And. . now my wrist hurts. . . I think I mistook the landing and ended up on top of that stupid tree! And I’m starving! Almar, could you please grab a loaf of bread from my pack and the first-aid kit?”

 “Uh. . sure,” Almar muttered he zipped open the backpack and a mirror fell out.

 “Great, now you have four years of bad luck,” she muttered sarcastically.

 “Just my luck,” muttered Almar, “and what do you a mirror for?”

 “A lady needs her essentials, Almar,” Aria sighed, “now just get the bread and kit!”

 Almar digged around in the pack until he found a squashed loaf of bread and a first-aid kit.

 Aria thanked Almar and wolfed down the bread, then she applied the thick bandage to her wrist. Then she groggily got up, I helped her up.

 I cursed, “So my dad knows I snuck out!”

“Yeah, but he said something about trusting you,” Aria scoffed, “if he trusts you then why make me come here?”

 I shrugged, but breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, as if a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders, “Well, I guess he know’s I’m here so i guess that’s a relief.”

  “Then we’d best not waste a second, we still have a mission to accomplish,” Almar said, and took the lead. Which no other option, I shrugged and sheathed Felgar, then followed Almar, Aria trying her best to keep up.

Even though their was no sunlight to beat down on us, and we were surrounded in the darkness of the forest, I was covered in sweat and my feet ached, we’ve been walking for hours, and yet we haven’t even reached the end of the forest. The only sign we were nearing the end was the trees. For they became thinner and thinner and less creatures walked through.

Almar showed no sign of stopping, he walked on, the beads of perspiration glistening on his forehead, his strict eyes scanning the ground, avoiding the roots of the trees and walking around the trees.

 “Were almost there, have patience Pentus,” Almar muttered, only a mile to go, we’ve crossed several leagues already as it is. More goblins are bound to appear so stay on your toes.”

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