(Kill La Kill) Ragyo Kiryuin x reader

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*Satsuki's P.O.V.*

          A long sigh escaped my lips as I rubbed my temples,"(Y/n)!," I called out. Moments later a (h/l) (h/c) haired and (e/c) girl stepped through the door.

          A small smile rested on her lips,"Soroi made you some tea and asked me to bring it," she set the cup on the table next to me. I, accidentally, let out a soft scoff. She noticed and playfully rolled her eyes,"Don't worry. I added my own little touch to it".

          Now, it was my turn to smile,"Thank you". It's not that I don't like Soroi or his tea, but his tea is quite bitter. Though, I never tell him this. I respect him too much to say anything and he's been so nice to me. With (Y/n), though, I can be open about it and she always added things to make the tea better.

          I took a sip of the tea, picked up the papers I was just looking at, and jumped when (Y/n) spoke,"You seem stressed, Miss Satsuki".

          I shook my head at her,"It's just Ragyo is becoming a bit much. And didn't I tell you that you can just call me Satsuki when we're alone?"

          "Well, yes, but I'm your maid, Miss Satsuki. I don't think that I should be able to speak to you so informally," she averted her eyes from me as she finished.

          I let out a small laugh,"You may be my maid, but you're also. My best friend. So, if you don't start just calling me Satsuki while we're alone, then I'll force you to call me it in public too".

          She gave a shy smile before, quickly changing the subject,"What did Ragyo do that made you stressed, this time?"

          My eyes went back to the papers in my hand,"I'm not sure just yet, but it could, honestly, be anything. All she said was to come and meet her. Though, I'd rather not go. She can be a bit..,"

          "Annoying? Rude? Crazy?," (Y/n) questioned.

          I let out a soft laugh,"Exactly," silence fell upon us for a moment before a thought came to my mind,"Would you come with me, (Y/n)?"

          I looked up just in time to see her tilt her head,"You want me to come with you? But why?"

          "To keep me company," I stood up walking over to her,"Besides Ragyo can be a bit much. Maybe with you there, I can tolerate her a little better". She contemplated the idea, for a moment, before nodding.

          "Great!," I smiled,"Then get ready to leave".

*Time Skip*

(Quick note: It never where Ragyo lived, so we're going to pretend she lives in a mansion)

*Your P.O.V.*

          After a long drive, we finally arrived at a huge mansion. I guess this is where Ragyo lives? But why does it have to be so big?! I sure hope that Satsuki knows where she's going in that place. I'd rather not get lost in there. Not to mention that this is the first time I'm meeting this Ragyo person. That's making me scared enough.

          We walked in and after taking serval strange turns and walking down scary hallways, we made it to a nice room with a couch. On the couch was a woman with multi colored hair with silver on top and she was wearing a beautiful dress. Satsuki cleared her throat, next to me, and got the attention of the woman. When she turned around her silver eyes met Satsuki's and she seemed not to notice me.

          I zoned their conversation out as I looked around the room, taking everything in. It was a dark red room with a white couch and chairs, a grand piano toward the far corner, and a chandelier hanging over us. (Again, just pretend).

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