- ________, Get up! –Sharon shouted.

I removed the covers and didn’t open my eyes.

- Beast, -She knocked the door again -Harry will come in any time.

Harry? I opened my eyes, wide awake and I threw the sheets to one side. I left the bed in a flash and opened the door. Sharon ran from one place to another in search of something.

-I thought you wouldn’t wake up never again –She laughed

- What do you want? -I asked.

-My bag, I can swear I left here in the couch –she said.

I looked at the clock, five forty in the morning. How long does it take to Harry for coming?

Why am I wondering this?

-Search in your room Sharon –I whispered.

She looked at me and ran to her room. Two seconds later the doorbell rang.

-________, Please open-Sharon yelled from her room.

Lazily I walked to the door and opened it. What I saw was completely dazzled.

-Good morning -I smiled and also the little creature jumped out of that caged and forth little prison.

-Good morning, Harry – I smiled back. –Come in.

I worked my way and I stared at him as he passed by me, wearing a black jacket like the tight pants he had, on the inside of the jacket you could see a shirt in a red tone. He wore sunglasses that made him look more commercial to her face, looked like the models you only see on television.

-Nice-looking pajamas –He muttered making reference to my outfit.

My skin turned red and I bitted my lower lip, completely embarrassed. No one, except for Sharon, had seen me in my pajamas before.

-Thanks -I murmured.

- Where is Sharon?

-In ...

- Here! –She left her room with the bag in her hand.

-Hello, sweetheart -he said and then went to kiss her.

I looked away, giving privacy and slipped into my room. Privacy, do I wanted to give them privacy? Or I just wanted to calm the little creature that suddenly felt uncomfortable.

I dressed quickly and made a side ponytail

- _______! -I must go, Sharon shouted from somewhere near the door.

I left the room but not before taking my camera.

-See you later, hope you have fun, -She said. I love you both.

- Good luck! -I said, but she had already closed the door.

I looked down at Harry, who was standing looking at me.

-I thought we were going to eat breakfast in pajamas –he muttered fun to notice my change of clothes.

The flush ran down my cheeks again and lowered my head.

-It's too early for breakfast -I whispered.

He laughed.

- So ... do you want us to go now? The road is not too short.

-Sure -I smiled and he motioned me to leave the department.

I took my bag, throwing my camera there and then he opened the door and let me go first. He slipped after me and walked beside me, his smell, a mixture of honey and tropical fruits came into my nose.

- Stairs or elevator? –He asked.

-Stairs, is the third floor -I decided.

He smiled as if he had liked my choice. He waited for me to go ahead and followed me very closely.

When we left the building, I walked to the right, very determined.

- Where are you going? Harry asked and I turned to face him, then I realized that he was no longer following me, but stopped and laughed.

-Well, to take a taxi or a bus -I shrugged, confused.

He laughed heartily and loudly and thundered in my ears as the intonation of a waterfall falling into the lake.

I didn’t understand what was so funny and he scowled.

-You don’t think we are going to take a taxi over there, right? -He said, half sobered. -Because if you think so, I don’t think you have enough money to pay for travel, remember that it is not close to the place, and there are no buses to going there, unless you take three or four.

I was quiet and I related his words and actions.

- Are you making fun of me? –I turned to a frown.

The melodious laugh got silent, his face turned serious and cautious.

-No -he said.

- Then why are you laughing? -I raised an eyebrow.

-Because it seemed a little ... funny -even under the sunglasses, his expression was like a child who is scolded by his mother.

-For me it's not funny -I said, looking angry severe.

-I'm sorry I ...

I burst into laughter interrupting his strong apology and looked at me strangely.

- You fell! You thought that I was disgusted –I said laughing.

His face left the seriousness and caution and drew on it a beautiful smile.

-You're bad –he muttered and then laughed.

-Sometimes -I laughed. -But well, seriously, how are we going to go? -I asked.

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