~McNamawyer - Always There~

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It was late at night, and Veronica Sawyer, the newest Heather at Westerburg High, was currently studying for an upcoming exam. Nothing would distract her from her school work.

Well, almost everything.

'The tiniest lifeboat, full of people I know~" The ringtone echoed through her room, and she knew who it was without having to check. It was Heather McNamara, Veronica's sort-of girlfriend, and of course, part of the Heathers clique. Though, they'd known eachother since kindergarten, so of course Veronica would belly flop onto her bed and catch her royal blue phone. But her smile fell when she picked up the line.

"Ver-Veroni-ica?" Heather gulped, panic and shaking evident in her voice.

Having dealt with this before, Veronica sprung to her feet, throwing her shoes on while keeping Mac steady, as she headed out of the house, dashing down the street. Thank God she lived nearby, because otherwise Veronica would've had an panic attack herself and that wouldn't of helped the situation at all.

The brunette threw herself to the front door, finding it unlocked and open ajar. She went inside, calling for her girlfriend since said girl had hung up her phone.

"Heather? Heather! Please, make a sound..." The blue girl pleaded, threatening to cry herself, when she heard a squeak followed by quick and panicked breathing. Mac, Veronica thought, running towards the source. Of course it was the yellow Heather, curled up in a ball, and shaking.

So, Veronica did the first thing she always did, which was pulling Mac into a hug, and rubbing her back soothingly. "Mac, it's okay, I'm here..." She sighed in relief, as the shaking girl's breathing slowed to a slightly more reasonable pace, as Veronica kissed her to calm the poor girl, which worked, by the way.

Mac gulped and sniffled, and there was a comfortable silence between them before Veronica finally opened her mouth, "Heather...?" She trailed off, as Mac looked up at her, wiping her eyrs, much more calm and slightly collected as she looked ul at the blue clad girl.

"I-I'm sorry... You...You deserve better... I-" Again, before Mac could even insult herself further, Veronica kissed her passionately, before hugging her gently, "No. I chose you. I'm never letting you fight the monsters alone, I'll always be there to fight with you." The brunette smiled, but after getting no response she saw that the light sleeper of the Heathers was, of course, asleep.

After all it was 1AM, so she texted her parents saying she was staying the night, and she carried the sleeping McNamara up to her room, placed her bed as Veronica got in next to her and drifted off, not before feeling a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

"Goodnight, Ronnie.." Mac sleepily said, as Veronica just smiled, "Goodnight, my little macaroni."

(A/M: tHeSe ArE bEaUtiFuL, fItE mE. Also it's midnight and I have school fml-)

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