Part 2 - Chapter 30 - The Prize

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A few minutes passed and Mr. Morgan entered the cabin where Hailee, her mom, and I sat.

"Gilbert contacted the coast guard using Larabee's radio," he said. "They're on the way."

I decided to give the family some privacy and walked out into the air. Myna sat on the deck, her hands and feet bound.

She stared at me, a defiant look in her eye. "You believe you have beaten me?"

I ignored her.

She laughed. "You have accomplished nothing. You have changed nothing. Ruby's Mother  sails away and before the sun rises I will be aboard her."

"You're lucky I don't just kill you."

Myna laughed.

From behind me, Mrs. Morgan startled me. "The secrets Hailee and you share. Given all we've been through, it's time you unburden yourselves."

I glanced at Officer Gilbert still securing things on Larabee's boat. Brett stood beside him smoking a cigarette, staring off into space.

"Don't worry about them," she said. "Whatever you say, we'll keep it all in the family."

"When we get back to shore I'll tell you everything." Even about Tyrone Post, I decided.

A fast-approaching Coast Guard cutter illuminated our craft with a giant spotlight. The big boat pulled alongside and docked with the cabin cruiser. Fastened to the roof of the bridge deck were weird looking electronics, whip antennas, and a whirligig radar. Two uniformed men wearing long coats lowered a rope ladder down onto our cabin cruiser. They descended and were followed by a tall African-American woman, reminding me of the actress Halle Berry. She was bundled in an expensive looking wool overcoat and had a regal bearing.

"Place all weapons on the deck," one of the uniformed men said.

We all complied.

The coast guard officer picked up the weapons.

The woman wearing the overcoat reached into her breast pocket and pulled a badge, showed it to all of us. It read: Homeland Security Agent Ingrid C. Estefan.

"Two men dead, ma'am, one on this vessel and one on the other," the uniformed man said to Agent Estefan.

Mr. Morgan and Hailee joined us on the deck. I reached an arm around Hailee to keep her warm.

Agent Estefan turned her attention to Myna and addressed the uniformed man standing beside her. "Untie this woman and take her aboard our vessel."

Untie her? That didn't seem right. I asked Agent Estefan, "What are you going to do with her?"

She ignored my question and asked one of her own. "Who are the dead men?"

"Our neighbor, Retired Navy Captain Nathan Larabee. That's his speedboat," Mrs. Morgan said.

"The dead man on this boat went by the name of Alex," I said.

"Who did the shooting?" the agent asked.

"Myna killed Larabee," I told her.

"And who shot Alex?"

Hailee's mother held out a hand, like a crossing guard stopping traffic. "Nobody say anything. None of us will speak until we receive proper legal counsel."

The woman shrugged her shoulders. "That won't be necessary. I already know what happened. Nothing. Nothing happened."

Hailee whimpered after hearing what Agent Estefan told us. I squeezed her tighter against my side. "What do you mean, nothing happened? Hailee was kidnapped. She was...mistreated. They also held the Morgans and a police officer against their will and stole this cabin cruiser. They were going to rendezvous with a cargo ship carrying contraband yellowcake uranium."

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