Prompt #32

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                Prompt: I can't find the original prompt for it, but basically someone asked what Leon would be like if he'd been raised the same way as his siblings, so here you go you sadistic little fucks


                "Beckett, do you think we took it a little too far?" Tessa asked nervously.

                "I think Sternberg took it a little too far, and we responded," Beckett said.

                "I think our response was fantastic. Fuck that guy and his rulers," Fagan said, a grin coming to his face. "It was a nice arts and crafts project."

                "My friend Mikayla would've been proud," Beckett said. Well, he already knew she was proud because he'd sent her a picture of their vandalism arts project, and she'd been ecstatic over it.

                "But Leon is going to get dragged in. You know he is," Tessa said.

                Beckett shrugged. "Let that little prick get dragged in."

                The three entered the academic building and went to Mr. Sternberg's room. Kids were eagerly whispering too each other, shooting admiring glances at the trio as they walked into the room and took their seats. Sternberg wasn't here, and the evidence from last night had been mostly removed.

                Sternberg entered the room just a little after class started, shooting dirty looks at Beckett and his friends. He stood at his desk, crossing his arms and waiting impatiently.

                But as soon as the door to the room swung open, Sternberg straightened up and the impatience was wiped off his face. Beckett glared as Leon Constance entered the room, dark circles under his eyes being the only hint of exhaustion on his face.

                "Mr. Sternberg," Leon greeted. There were two guards hovering in the doorway, but Leon held up his hand to stop them from entering. "Beckett, Tessa, Fagan. Let's go."

                They got up and started walking towards Leon. Leon reached out, not touching Beckett but keeping his hand out to stop Beckett from moving forward.

                "Mr. Sternberg, I believe you have an early punishment for Townsend," Leon said.

                Sternberg grabbed a textbook off his desk and smacked Beckett with it. "I'm sick of you, Townsend. Your father isn't going to protect you in my classroom."

                Leon turned to the guards. "Take these two. I'll take Townsend."

                The guards grabbed Tessa and Fagan and led them away. Beckett reluctantly walked alongside Leon.

                "You're pathetic," Beckett said at last, breaking the silence. "Just a coward like your father."

                "My father and I don't need the excessive methods you take to control this school," Leon said. He smiled over at Beckett. Leon Constance might not have taken after his father appearance wise, but with that cold, calculating smile, there was no doubt he was his father's son. "I had some suggestions for the headmaster after watching your trio closely. If he listens to them, I believe you'll find your schedules changed and your access restricted."

                "We won't stop taking blows at this school," Beckett warned. "Kaz Warrick started this, and I won't let it die."

                "Casimir Warrick was a foolish delinquent, and his legacy has already died out. You're the last ember of that flame, and you'll be out soon enough," Leon said, shoving Beckett forward. "Walk faster."

                Beckett's yo-yo was out in a flash and smacking Leon in the arm before he could move. Leon winced and rubbed his arm, fury passing over his face. He took a deep breath and straightened up.

                He snatched the yo-yo from Beckett, holding it up where Beckett could see it. "Violent as always, Townsend. How many people have you hurt over the years with this child's toy? How many more will you hurt? You like to talk down about my family, but you're a monster all your own."

                Beckett glared harder, trying to hide the guilt that smacked him with. He didn't want to be violent. There was just so much anger. So much damn anger.

                "You'll always be a desperate, angry boy living in the shadow of Kaz Warrick. All you bring with you is anger and violence. Your friends could've been fine here if they hadn't gotten tangled up with you. You're reckless, and the smartest fool I've ever seen. Did you really think you could take on Constance Academy and win? Did you really think you had what it took to be a leader? You're still the angry little ten year old being dropped to the Maroons for his temper," Leon said, putting the yo-yo in his pocket.

                Beckett clenched his fists, that anger pumping through him. He knew Leon was right, and it made him even angrier.

                Leon shoved him forward again and the two walked to the headmaster's office. Tess and Fagan were there with the guards, but Leon led Beckett past them to the doors.

                "This one first," Leon said, forcing Beckett into the headmaster's office. He shut the door and looked over at Headmaster Constance. "I brought Townsend, headmaster."

                "Then your duty is done, and you can go back to class, Leon," Constance said.

                "Yes, headmaster. But first," Leon said, taking the yo-yo out of his pocket and placing it on Constance's desk. He turned to face Beckett again as he slid the yo-yo away from Beckett. "Look where all your rebellion got you and your friends. You smashed your future with your anger, and wrecked your friends' futures with your failure to be a leader. Enjoy your consequences, Townsend."

                Constance didn't look at his son; he just picked up the yo-yo and dropped it in the trash. Beckett glared at Leon in pure hatred.

                But he felt a sense of hopelessness, too, as that cold smile carved its way onto Leon's face. What could Beckett possibly do? Constance was in charge, but if he fell, his daughter or sons would step up in his place. There was no beating them. He had three heirs as cruel and unflinching as he was.

                Beckett just kept his mouth shut, his heart sinking as Leon walked out of the office with his head held high. Leon had won and he knew it. He'd been relentless in his battle against Beckett and Beckett's schemes. Determined to take the rebels down before they did any damage to the Academy or its reputation.

                Leon had won. Beckett felt sick at the thought, his anger bubbling through him but his shoulders slumping as he resigned himself to his punishment, knowing he could never take down the Constance family at this rate.

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