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Chapter 11

Lila's P.O.V

I sat on the bench in the locker room in a daze. He left. After he kissed me. It wasn't my first kiss sure, but I didn't plan on it being my thrid. Now that I think about it, I've never had a willing kiss. God but this kiss, it was the best kiss. I cant even say so far, cause that would be a lie. But I cant spike down the hate for him...but than again, there is a thin line between love and hate right?

I let out a groan in frustration and kicked the locker infront of me. God I hate life! I hate Angelo, I hate Vannessa, I hate mom, I hate dad for leaving me with this crap! I hate everyone. Bad enough I'm over weight, and I have to go to a shrink twice a week!

Thinking of shrink, today is thurday right? I have to go today. My mother would kill me for skipping Linda.

Three girls on my hands who threatened me to stay away from Angelo, or they'd make my life a living hell. A boy who is confusing hell out of me! And a best friend who wants me to have sex with the boy who likes to sexually tease me, then embarrass me in front of everyone.

All of this, and it's only the second day of school. Life is a bitch to me these days.

Groaning out in anger again, I kick the lockers out in front of me, as the room echoed in a loud metal bang.

Putting my head in my hands I sat in the painfull silence. Not even caring about class. So much drama and Im only sixteen.

"Hey, you okay?" a voice said from next to me.

I jumped up with fright, to face a girl with mocoa colored skin, and long, wet, chocolate brown hair. Pretty brown eyes, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and perfect pink, pouty lips. Is everyone pretty around here. Though I've never seen her before.

"Oh..Im sorry, I was just uh...thinking." I lied smoothly. It actually wasn't a lie, but not the complete truth. More like I was stressing about my hard not life.

She nodded slowly, showing that she didn't believe I was just 'thinking'.

"Right." she said, stressing out the 'I'.

I fake smiled and leaned down to pick up my books and bag. I took notice of the white towel wrapped around her slim, tall, body. Maybe she just got out of the shower?

"I'm Cindy, but call me Storm. Im new here." she introduced, not out stretching her hand, beacuse if she were to do that, her towel might of fell.


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