A new companion

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I spent the whole weekend at home playing on the console.Rias and the rest did not give a sign of life. But I thought that if they needed help they would give me a sign.

When I came to school on Monday, I noticed that this boy, Issei, was asking his friends about a girl, I think she was called Yuuma.However, none of his buddies knew what he meant, I think maybe he is referring to the girl with whom we saw him together with Koneko.

After class, I went to the club room to talk to boss.

F/N: Hi team!

I said when I walked into the room. All club members sat in the room.

Rias: Oh ... Hello [F/N]. It's good that you are. We need your help.

F/N: Cool, but this boy is asking about this girl with whom he was on the footbridge.

Rias: It's about this matter.This girl is a fallen angel, and she is probably not alone here. And you will meet our new friend today.

She said with a smile.I shrugged my shoulders in the "whatever" gesture and headed towards the city.


We're just in the park. We are sitting on a branch watching what is happening near the fountain.A guy in a coat talks to Isse, and he looks scared.My guess is that he is one of the friends of this girl and he is also a fallen one.When the guy talked about the devils and about Issei losing his master, I guessed he was a devil too.

F/N: When are we entering?

Rias: When the time comes.

F/N: Thanks for your comprehensive answer.

I said, rolling my eyes with boredom.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of piercing. I looked at the fountain and noticed the bleeding Issei pierced by some glowing spear.The man holding another spear, he threw it.

Rias: NOW!

I jumped down in front of the boy, shielding him with my polarizing wall.

The shield absorbed the spear which did not harm me

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The shield absorbed the spear which did not harm me. I like it.

???: Hmm? Who are you?

Rias: He is with me.This one who lies on the ground, too.

Issei: What is... going... on here...

Issei asked and then fell unconscious.

???: Hmmm ... Red hair. You belong to the Gremory family, right?

Rias: Of course, you must be really brave. You enter my territory and attack my servants. Hardly anyone would dare.

???: Well, I did not know it is your territory and that it is your servant. This time I will leave without a fight, but I advise you not to let your people go alone, because I can come across them and something can happen to them.

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