Chapter-7 (e)

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Chapter-7: Removal Of Scar, Gringotts, Snape and Elder Malfoys (part-1)

Sirius's p.o.v:

I was sitting near Selene waiting for her to wake up after her treatment. Aunt Cassie and grandma went home at night so that they can take rest and come in the morning along with dad, father and grandfather while Moony refused to leave our side.

"Papa." I heard pup's voice.

"Pup I'm here, how are you feeling?" I asked her.

"I'm fine Papa, now I feel even freer and there is no pain in any part of the body." She said and I smiled.

"Well, its good to know you feel good pup and now we have only your scar. Once your grandparents are here we can complete that by visiting Gringotts." I said.

"Okay, where is Uncle Moony?" She asked before I can reply Moony answered her.

"I'm here cub I went to bring food for you both as you both didn't have anything from two days." He said.

"Thank you Uncle Moony." She said.

"No problem cub." He said.

We started eating but my thoughts were still on those filthy Muggle who tortured my pup and I think Remus was thinking same too because Moony was surfacing now and then.

"Selene are you awake?" Grandma asked entering inside along with Aunt Cassie.

"Grandma yes I'm awake. How are you and Aunt Cassie?" She asked.

"We are a good princess." She replied.

"Grandmother where are others?" I asked her meanwhile Aunt Cassie and Moony were talking to Pup.

"They are talking to Marcus they will be here shortly." She replied.

"Papa I have a doubt?" She said.

"What is it pup?" I asked her.

"Will you send me back to Dursleys after summer as headmaster asked?" She asked me tears and fear evident in her eyes.

"Pup you're not going anywhere near them again no one has any right on you except our families, okay?" I asked her and she nodded her head.

"Anyhow Princess myself, your granddad and grandfather took care of those muggles they will never harm you again." Grandfather Arctus replied coming inside along with others and Marcus following them.

"Really grandpa?" She asked hope shining in her eyes and my heart broke once again seeing her like this I really want to kill those muggles because of them she can't trust anyone properly along with her ex-friends who are also responsible. When I was in my thoughts Moony placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Padfoot they are going to pay for what they did to our Cub. You know I promised James that I will take care of Selene along with you and I broke that once it will not happen again." He said and I nodded.

"Sirius I want you and your family to listen to whatever I'm going to tell you. I fear that whatever we thought about Selen's scar is true." Marcus said and I was paralyzed with fear.

"You mean to say that the thing in my grandaughter's scar is Horcrux and it's confirmed?" Father asked.

"Yes Lord Orion but there is no need for us to worry because Goblins is the race in which they are experts in these type of magic is, so then extract it from her scar without any pain or side effect," Marcus said.

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