Chapter 13: Haruhi in Wonderland

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"I'm happy to say that your daughters future here at Ouran Academy is assured. Her test scores are nothing short of brilliant!"One of Ourans administrators were talking with Haruhi and her father as she had just gotten accepted into Ouran Academy. Haruhi's dad, Ranka shook his head. "That's the problem. She's too smart for her own good. She insisted on going through the whole application process without my help. Even after she passed the entrance exam she tried to get me to stay home instead of bringing her here." The administrator nodded and turned to Haruhi. "Do you mind if we speak privately? You can explore the grounds and see the things that your new school has to offer." He said to her. Haruhi simply nodded, standing up from her chair and leaving the room. 

-Haruhi Pov- 

I was walking around the halls of my future school. I was so glad that I was able to make it in. I knew that mom would be proud. The halls were empty as most of the students were gone. But it was peaceful, and the school was beautiful. I was walking to the end of the hall and saw an open door, and was about to turn around when I saw something. It was a pink blur, and curiosity got the better of me as I went to the open door. My eyes grew wide as I saw a dancing stuffed bunny eating a banana. I stopped in front of the door, reading the sigh that said "Music Room #3". The stuffed bunny waved to me and I went through the doors. There was a giant hole in the middle of the room and the bunny jumped into it I gasped and ran to see how deep the hole was when I slipped on the banana peel that the bunny had left behind and I flew into the hole, seeing how deep it was I screamed as I fell through. 

I opened my eyes and looked around me. I was in a room with only one door in it. The room looked like one of the classrooms In Ouran, but I had just left Ouran through that hole? "I'm so confused." I said as I opened the door and started walking through a dark hallway. Some lights turned in as I passed them that were shaped in the word "female" And as I kept going I saw other strange things. Lights turning on and off in all shapes and sizes, but at the end of the hallway was a young boy. He was sitting at a piano and was crying, covering his ears with his hands tightly. "Hello?" I called as I ran over to him. He was sobbing, his glasses were falling off his face and he was shaking. "Hey it's okay. Don't be scared." I said putting my hands on his shoulders. "I-I can't hear it." He said gasping between breaths. "You can't hear me?" I asked him. "N-no. The music. I can't hear it!" He said slamming his hands on the keys, but no sound came from it. "Your right. Is it broken?" I asked examining the piano. "No...I'm broken." He said tucking his legs into his chest and hiding his face in his knees. "No that's not anyone you know around here? Where are your parents?" He shook his head. "My mom is gone. And I can't find my dad." He said looking up at me with blue eyes, contrasting his dark black hair. "My mom is gone too. But I can help you find your dad. I need to find mine too." I said holding out my hand to him. "You really want to help me?" He asking, wiping his tears off his cheeks. "Of course." I said as he took my hand. A gust of wind blew suddenly and the piano turned to dust flying away in the wind, and the ground below us disappeared leaving a hole. "Not again!" I shouted as we both fell through it. We both screamed as I held onto the young boy. 

Suddenly we hit a body of water and We both swam to the top. "It's a pool!" The boy shouted as we looked around us. "What is going on?" I asked as we both swam to the side of the pool, climbing out and shaking some of the water off. "You've cried a lot haven't you?" Someone asked. We both turned surprised, only to see a man dressed as a snail or bug of some kind. He was sitting on top of a mushroom smoking something through a big machine, pushing up his glasses as he wrote in his notebook. "You must have cried an awful lot to fill the pool with this many tears. It's impressive actually. Looks like you have been through your fair share of hardships." I blinked as I looked at the pool. "Do you need help with anything? Most people don't just find themselves here." He said looking at us. "Y-yes. We are looking for our dads." I said taking the young boys hand, he was hiding behind me slightly as he looked at the mushroom with big eyes. "I see, I can help you with that. But it will be charged to you. And you can pay by the end of the month." He said writing in his notebook. "What kind of stuff are you always writing in that notebook of yours?" I asked walking up to him. "Ooh anything and everything... that's odd. You said 'always' just now, yet you and I have never met." He said stopping this writing and looking at me. I paused. "Always." I said out loud. "Did I?" I asked the young boy beside me. "Yes, you did. But that's not the point. Are you going to help us find our dads mr. caterpillar?" He asked the man on the mushroom. "Yes, but you will need to walk through that door." He said pointing behind us. We both turned and saw a door that wasn't there before. "What happens if we go through it?" I asked. "How do you know if you don't try?" He asked, smirking at us. I blinked, but I took the young boys hand again as we walked to the door. "Here we go." I said opening the door. 

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