Chapter 4

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Happy Birthday Jongdae! The guy with the most amazing vocals and a smile that could light up this whole town! Wish you loads on this special day. Saranghae Oppa! ;)

P.S: Read prologue before you start this chapter if you haven't yet.


I was sitting beneath the cherry blossom tree, lazing under the sun in the large grounds of our school. It was lunch time and I was alone because I wasn't hungry and also, because decided to give Yumi and her boyfriend some time alone. I hate third wheeling. It's a pity I didn't have anyone else except her. But it hasn't always been like that. I had Oh Sehun. Someone who was a best friend, a confidante, a brother and probably someone who understood me the most. Although I love this school to my heart but this special spot where I was sitting had a very painful memory associated with my time here. This was the place where I lost someone very important. I looked around and I felt enveloping in my memories again.

It had been very busy day. Our last exam was English Literature and after making sure I had completed every question, I left the Examination room with my other classmates. Everyone was already celebrating the end of exams. We had just entered spring but none of us had recovered fro the bitter cold winter which is why half of the population had preferred to unwind in the vast, sunny grounds.

Park Chanyeol and his group of cronies were strutting around with their usual  arrogance, winking and whistling at girls occasionally. His head was high, up in the air which made him look more taller. Suddenly his eyes found his target by a cherry blossom tree. The student he had been looking for a long time. The haughty smile playing on his lips quickly morphed into a smirk as he made his way towards his favorite person to bully. Oh Sehun.

"Hey there, sneaky Sehun. Trying to eavesdrop on people again?" Baekhyun taunted.

Sehun ignored them and continued reading his book. Chanyeol came closer and kicked the book out of his hand and pulled him up by the collar.

"What? You think you're so superior that you wouldn't even answer us now?" He said with a smirk, challenge flashing in his eyes.

"I don't think you're important enough." Sehun mumbled curtly.

"Huh! that's funny. Last time I checked, we were important enough for you to listen to our conversations and then spread them among your filthy classmates." Baekhyun fired back with detestation filling his eyes.

"And you'll pay back for it." Chanyeol punched him on the face and the poor victim fell on the ground. The three boys guffawed at his weakness.

"Oh , his poor guy, he doesn't even know how to fight back." Baekhyun chuckled as he kicked Sehun's backpack in a pile of dirt. Junmyun stood their laughing too. He didn't join his friends but didn't stop them either. Baekhyun yanked Sehun by his muddy shirt upward to his level.  Sehun held his head low like weak-less creature.

"If I ever catch you again trying to listen to our conversations acting like you're some pathetic spy or try to steal from a teacher like you did last month, then consider yourself done." Chanyeol warned in a menacing voice. 

He punched him again and Sehun's lower lip started bleeding. But this time, the victim lifted his hand aiming to hit his bully back, but Chanyeol had quicker reflexes from his football training. He twisted Sehun's hand in a swift motion with an arrogant smirk. He raised his fist again to hit Sehun. Although I had been watching this quietly from a distance but I decided that things were going out of hand and I entered the scene.

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