I love you

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Dave's POV:

I lay there with a sleeping John in my arms as I sing his- our favorite song. "Swinging in the backyard pull up in your fast car whistling my name. You open a beer and you say 'get over here' playing video games. I'm in his favorite sun dress, watching me get undressed take that body down town-" "Dave?" I jump at the sudden interruption. It was John. He was awake too. FUCK. He gave me a toothy grin and wrapped his arms around my neck. "You're too cute, Dave." I blush and put my hands on his hips, moving down slowly.  "Don't you dare go any lower than that, Strider~" John teased. "Haha. Sure. Don't act like you don't want my hands down there~" He blushes and kisses me hard. My eyes widen at the sudden kiss. I kiss back and grip his butt as he mewls and moans. I blush and rubs his thighs. "A-ah~ Dave~!" I pull away. "Yes, babe?" His face was beet-red. "T-that felt.....really good....." "Well shit, did you want me to finish?" He nods and blushes madly. I smile. " 'aigh then. It settled. This is your time to back out if you want...?" He shakes his head. "N-no. I want this." I nod and wink at him sexually.

UGH. Sorry for the short ass chapter. Im also sorry for not writing. Welp. TIME TO PUBLISH MORE STORIES!!! Any suggestions? Please?


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