Messed up

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Hello guys and thank you for being patient! I was busy with Inktober, Goretober and Undertober-including some Teamtale related drawings! Anyways, no action here but enjoy!

Chara watched the Royal Guards surrounding their house, the head of the Royal Guard talking to the shocked Asgore, Toriel trying to save Mike tearfully with healing magic alongside Gaster, Gaster's assistant Alphys together with Sans trying to treat Alex's burns without using magic, Cameron clenching in tears into his own hair, almost tearing it off, sobbing and shivering, and Asriel trying to comfort him. And it was all her fault. If she just hadn't opened all those books, if she didn't try to search for the souls, everybody would be okay. The view of Mike in his own blood and of Alex with burned, peeling skin on different parts of his body was indeed terrifying. Chara gasped shakily and covered her mouth, letting tears run down her face.

-It's my fault... It's all my fault... I'M SORRY!-

She shouted. At least ten people looked at her. Asriel gave a light pat to Cameron before going over to Chara and hugging her. In just a minute, he found himself sandwiched between the two devastated humans, who both used him as a pillow. Soon Gaster approached the sorrowful trio and crouched to them.

-I'm teleporting your brothers to the hospital.-

He informed. Chara saw her chance and took it.

-Wait, Doctor Gaster! Please take back all those books I borrowed! Please!-

She pleaded. Gaster waited a second before answering:

-I'll tell Sans to come back and take them right after the boys are taken care of.-

He and Sans teleported away with the injured boys and with Alphys. Toriel ran up to the three devastated children and held them in her arms. She was crying.

-I'll never ever let anything happen to you or them again. Never.-

She whispered. Chara freed herself from the hug and ran into the house.


-I'll just get the books out of there before something else happens!-

Chara came back a minute later with the old, worn out books and threw them to the ground.

-That's all. Doctor Gaster will know how to get rid of them.-

She breathed out and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

-If that was another attempt to open the barrier, Chara...-

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