Chapter 12 - The Fall

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 As we walked, I started to realise I couldn't tell Cam about seeing Aavan. The things we discussed would only bring up a whole new line of questioning. And with the way he was glancing from left to right, I had a feeling he suspected someone was around.

I couldn't feel anything and he probably couldn't but he was still being very vigilant. We made it back to the cars and he surprised me by meeting go first. 

"Hey," Bonnie passed me with a smile. "We wondered where you got to..." She pinned me with a stare before the smile quickly wiped from her face. 

She knew me too well. 

"I went for a walk, we'll talk later?" I sent her a stray thought that I'd spoken with Aavan.

She nodded and finished taking everything out of the cars. It was another twenty minutes before we were all finished and ready to go.  We had just started walking when Jack cleared his throat to get all of our attention.

"Bon?" He started. "Um, do you mind if you-?"

"Oh, for crying out loud." She groaned. "I'm not your pet so no stroking. Especially you Kim!"

"You love it though!"

I shook my head. "Bonnie."

She scowled at me before saying, "Okay, fine. But I won't enjoy it."


Chapter 12

The Fall

"Can you get down from there please," Cam repeated up to me.

I shrugged. "I'm scoping."

"No, you're not. You said that yesterday and the day before but I know you're just resting."

"Well, we've been travelling for almost three days we might as well rest."

"She's right," Kimberly said as she stopped beside him. Wow, she’s siding with me. Odd how the world turns around when everyone has to work together, "It's been three days since we've been in this forest and one and a half of those days were getting down that damned cliff." 

"We need to rest a bit. I'm tired and hungry." Jack said as he sat beside a tired Bonnie wolf.

Bonnie hadn't really said much through her mind in the past day because she was exhausted. Changing back and forth from her dog form is a tiring transition so she hadn't even bothered yesterday. I was getting worried about her.

Cam was the one making us carry on even though we were all completely fatigued. I hadn't slept since I'd had my dream. I'd explained everything to Bonnie the night before and she told me not to tell anyone. 

I was afraid to sleep. I didn't want to see Gabriel like that again, he looked too... weak.

"Cameron look," I pointed ahead. "The lake is over there; we can have a fresh water supply as well as make a fire to rest."

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