Chapter 19

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This chapter contains graphic rape scenes as well as torture scenes please read at your own risk!!!

The man came behind me tearing off my clothes, making me shriek. He pulled out his cock, which was a lot smaller than Kid's, a lot. He touched his dick doing something to it. He then shoved himself inside me. It felt like nails digging into my vagina. I screamed, tears streaming down my face, blood seeping down my legs.

"Mother fucker!!!" Kid fired.

"Holy shit, the fact you can take Kid's dick but still be this tight is a miracle!!"

"Stop!! Please!! It hurts!!!" I cried.

Kid's teeth were clenched, his eyes burning red. The man thrust inside of me each thrust hurting more than the last. I screamed in pain. Kid struggling to break his chains, to no avail.


"Shut up bitch!!" He yelled.

He took a whip and slashed my ass. I screamed once again. Kid was so furious he was shaking in his chains. After the man had finished inside of my vagina, he thrusted into my ass. I screamed in pain like no other, my second virginity being taken from me by force. He kept going until he had finished inside me once again. Then he chained me to the wall. He took the whip slashing my entire back over, and over again. Then he dowsed my body in holy water. My skin was on fire my insides burning. Last but not least he chained me to a machine. It started to separate, pulling each one of my limbs with it. My arms and legs were torn from my body, I lost my voice from all the screaming. His evil laugh echoing throughout hell. Then he threw me down in front of Kid, blood dripping from every part of my body.

"(Y,n)!!! You son of a bitch!!"

"Now now Kid, wait your turn." He laughed.

Then he left, leaving me on the floor to wait for my limbs to regenerate and come back. It was a very painful process....

"I'm so sorry..... This is all my fault." He choked.

"Stop it..." My voice hoarse.

"No... If I was stronger I could have stopped that son of a bitch."

"Kid you were chained, my arms and legs will grow back. Then all of this will just be a painful memory."

"Memories like these never go away."

"Then we can bear them together."

It took a while but finally my body was back together. I slowly scratched my way to Kid, my arms and legs still being chained. I grabbed his shirt, lifting myself up. I gently kissed his lips, the feeling being long overdue. The man came back kicking me away from Kid. Kid growling in response.

"Your turn."

He grabbed Kid chaining him up and whipping him, pouring holy water on him, and ripping him to shreds. Tears streamed down my face, my eyes red with anger. When he was done he threw Kid at me and left. Kid just laid there waiting for his limbs to return.



"I love you."

He lifted his head up to look at me.

"I love you most (Y,n)."


Another man entered the room with none other than Trafalgar Law. The man wore a blue and white mask, and he had long flowing blonde hair. They unchained Kid and I, Kid's body back to normal.


"Hello Captain...."

They hugged, patting each others backs.

"Its been a while old friend."

"Yes it has."

"Can we save the pleasantries for later, we need to get out of here." Law inquired.

"He's right come on." Killer said.

Law put his coat around my naked body, Kid only wearing his jeans. Then we left, sneaking out of the depths and up to the entrance of hell. When we got there though there was an army waiting for us. And at the head of the army was a man with a hook and a scar. He looked terrifying.....

"Eustass 'Captain' Kid!! You have broken the same law twice and shall be punished for it! You human, what is your name?"

"I'm not a human! My name is (Y,n) (M,n) (L,n) and I am the first female demon to be born!"

"What? You say your name is (Y,n)?"

"Yes, what of it?"

"(Y,n), that's Crocodile, the first king of hell, your father....." Law said.

"He's my, dad?"

"Men put your weapons down, and let them pass!" He ordered the army of demons behind him.

We slowly walked passed him. He stopped Kid, holding him by his shoulder.

"Take care of her...."

Then we left hell going back home to Earth. As soon as I got back I showered, washing the blood from my body. Feeling the pain between my legs, I don't know what he did, but it hurt. After my shower I got dressed and went downstairs to see Kid talking with Killer and Law on the couch. Kid looked at me pain and guilt in his eyes. He immidiatally looked away, not looking me in the eyes. Seeing him like this made me sad and I hated it.

"Seeing as Crocodile is back, we need him on our side, if we want to win this war."

"War?" I asked.

"Yes Claira has started a war, by sending the princess to the depths." Killer answered.


He nodded.

"I'm no princess...."

"But you are the princess of hell. You are the daughter of the true king."

"Claira is probably going to have Doflamingo and Kaido on her side. We need to be ready for a fight."

"So who exactly are you?" I asked curious.

"I am Killer or to the army 'The Massacre Soldier'."

"He was my second in command before I rebelled." Kid finished.

"Oh so you two go back pretty far huh?"

"Very, a lot of my life I spent with him down in hell."

"How old are you Kid."

"Too fucking old."

"So should I start calling you an old geezer?"

"No." He deadpanned.

I just giggled, how I can be so calm after being raped and tortured is beyond me.

"We need to make a game plan."

"How are we supposed to do that without knowing who she will have with her."

"Well we know someone had to of given her an idea about where you would be. Has anyone weird shown up that you know of?" Law asked.

"Actually yeah, Doflamingo showed up telling me that she was looking for him."

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