Introduction. When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you

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She should have seen it comes. She began to grab the devil by the tail a long time ago, she should have known that he would turn back someday, and give her the lesson she deserves. Her way of life was so useless and meaningless. Because she was unable to choose any side of the fence, it was obvious that she had to pay for her neutrality.

The mercenary's life was not that bad after all. Even if it was pretty risky, it was well paid, and there was always something to do. But even with all the years of experience she had, she would someday, like every mercenary, find her master.

She finally found hers that day.

Overwatch. The international organisation.

How could she have been that stupid ? She should have seen that this mission was dangerous, because the enemy was one of the most important organisation of security in the world. And now, there she is, paying for everything she did in the past.

The devil so, turned back to face her, and caught her in the act. She was now between his claws, waiting for the terrible punishment he was keeping for her. She was not afraid of death. This world was meaningless to her, and because she got nothing here, nor people or things, she knew that death wouldn't be a pain for her.

The devil's name was Gabriel Reyes. Commander of the Blackwatch part of Overwatch, he was known for his crualty and his terrible temper. He was not in charge of Blackwatch for nothing. But, at that time, she saw the devil's eyes. And by that look, she understood that Gabriel Reyes got many horrible ideas for her fate, and that death wasn't one of the possibilties.

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