Chapter 3

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I advanced on the now-frightened nanny, baring my fangs at her. She had started to back away from me and I felt the predatory pull to follow her. If I hadn't just fed on the cab driver, I would have launched myself on her from across the room. "How dare I what?" I hissed out as I stepped closer. She seemed to have forgotten her complaint as she backed away from me. She bumped into one of the large armchairs and gasped as she looked behind her to get her bearings. I took the opportunity to move up directly in front of her quickly, before she had even had a chance to turn her head back around.

When she did, I was right there in her face, standing over her, eyeball above eyeball. I could feel the burning heat in my gaze as my vampire eyes lit up to a crimson. She froze with wide eyes and beating pulse that was so tempting. I whispered just loud enough for her poor hearing, "How dare I what?" Each word was dripping with danger. I could hear them coming; two of the brothers had realized their pet was missing and were searching for her. She squeaked in an attempt to answer me. "You think you're brave, living with three vampires, don't you? Don't fool yourself into thinking I'm like them, Barbie. I have the traditional diet plan and will have no issues making a meal out of you."

Her eyes widened and her heart sped up even more as I leaned over, dropping my red lips to her ear, pressing the point of one fang into her neck as I whispered, "If you ever enter my room uninvited again, I will tear your throat out and then lick your blood from my fingers." I heard her whimper and smiled. "Your reign in this household is over, Blondie. I have no issues with cock-blocking. You either start doing what you're paid for, instead of whoring, or I'll make you disappear." She gasped and her anger slowly took back control of her frozen limbs. I pricked her neck, drawing out one drop of blood that welled and then rolled down her neck. I raised my face to look back into her eyes with my crimson ones. The brothers were there, at my door, taking in the scene. They could smell the blood.

I heard Drogo's growl and turned my face to look over at him and Peter. An amused smile tugged at the corner of my lips. Drogo's mind couldn't decide if he was feeling more protective or turned on at the moment. He would be the type to get off watching a couple of girls fight. I had the feeling that Drogo would even take deep pleasure from watching me feed on her. There were a lot of things he would take pleasure from watching; he was the type. Peter stepped toward me, "Sasha, please." I pulled my head up slowly at his words, turning my body towards him. He disapproved of Drogo screwing the nanny but he also was the type to not want her to get hurt.

Peter nervously bit his lip again but walked up close to us anyway. I stood up straight to meet him. So he was the peacemaker of the group. "Then take her Peter. Walk her back to her room and make sure to explain things to her. You might not be around to save her next time." Peter's eyes took in my face as he wore a sad expression that touched his eyes. Where Drogo was aggressive, Peter was gentle. Had Drogo used his approach I would have instinctually matched his aggression and his play toy would have been collateral. Peter's simple plea and sad eyes bought the brainless bimbo her unscathed freedom.

I didn't move as Peter walked up to us, almost inserting himself in between us, still looking at me. The desire to gently caress his face surprised me. He was curious about me in his thoughts, but wasn't going to miss the opportunity to get the nanny away from me, so he could stick around to puzzle me out. He pushed the nanny to the side and then out in front of him, as he took her back to her room. The sound of their footsteps grew quieter as they crossed the house and went upstairs. My eyes shifted to Drogo who now leaned in my door way. He was measuring me up, trying to decide if I would have actually done anything to the girl. "I have self control Drogo, but make no mistake, I also have follow-through." He smirked as his mind applied my words to other areas besides terrorizing the nanny. He liked what he heard.

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