He Hits You (1d) 2/5

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Niall- You and Niall had an argument about why you cheated on him but it wasn't true so, Niall being Niall had started treating you like shit. "Y/n get the fuck over here!" Niall yelled, you came downstairs to see him holding a tiny vibrator. "Why are you holding a vibrator?" You asked very confused. "Oh don't play dumb y/n! I know it's yours so you can't even try to lie!" He yelled, you wondered why he got so mad over a vibrator. "Why are you so mad over it? I'm not saying it's mine but why?"You said back. "Because your just a slut and seeing stuff like this in the house gets me even more mad!" He yelled at you, getting closer. You started to feel scared. When Niall was angry he would take it out on you by having rough sex but you didn't see that happening anytime soon. "Niall babe I promise you-." You were cut off when you fell to the floor, Niall had slapped and pushed you. "Oh my-g- y/n I didn't mean to I swear!" He yelled running to your side. "Niall it's ok..." You whispered as he cried into your lap. "I'm such a dick, I don't deserve you! I know you never cheated I just saw an article and just felt so jealous so I tried to frame you with the vibrator and then got caught in the moment and did that, I love you so fucking much... don't leave I'm so sorry!" He sobbed into your lap holding onto your waist for dear life. "Niall look at me." He looked up at you. "Your ok, I'm not leaving and I never will ok? I love you so much and you can say whatever you want to me and I'll still love you, you can do whatever to me and I'll still love you... but just promise not to hurt me again please?" You said to him as you both looked deeply into each others eyes. "I promise I'll never do that to you again, now can we forget about this and go back to normal?" He whimpered and still hugging you tight. "Yes we can baby." You said to him. "And maybe we could put this into use..." he said as he turned on the little toy and placed it to you. You spoke to soon when you said rough sex wasn't happening.

Louis- you and Louis had 2 kids one was 13 y/o Freddie and the other was 6 y/o Ava... Ever since you last had Ava 6 years ago Louis never looked at you the same, you never knew why but whatever you did must've been bad if he doesn't even look at you anymore. Louis was at the studio while you were cooking dinner for everyone. "Kids I'm homeee!" Louis cheerily yelled into the house, you heard the kids quickly run downstairs to see their father after a long day of being stuck home with their pathetic mother. "Hi daddy!" Ava yelled reaching up to be lifted. "Hey dad!" Freddie said giving Louis a high five. You smiled seeing how good he was with the kids but let a tear slip knowing he will never share that with you. Louis walked into the kitchen and immediately rolled his eyes at seeing you. "Your still not done I see." He growled at you. "5 more minutes and I will be." You whispered loud enough for him to hear. "Do you know how hungry my kids are? Waiting for your slow ass to cook?" He said lowly making sure the kids didn't hear him. "I'm sorry Lou I'm trying." You whimpered as you let a few years fall down your cheek, he didn't say anything but he did leave the kitchen.
You served their plates and went upstairs to change. You knocked on the door and made sure it was ok to come in. "Louis can I change?" You asked and you heard the door being unlocked and opened for you to come change, you closed the door behind you and went to your closet. "Hurry up and be quick." He mumbled. "Dinners ready by the way." You told him as you looked at him but didn't receive a look back. "Whatever." He stood up to leave but before he did you grabbed him and kissed him, he was quick to push you off and you fell hitting your head on the wall. "What the fuck y/n!" He yelled at you, by now you had tears coming out of your eyes. "Why do you hate me so much?! Do you even love me or am I just a maid in this house? You won't touch me, look at me, kiss me and it's been 6 years Louis what did I do for you to hate me so much?!" You sobbed out, Louis' face softened at seeing you like this and saying the words that came out your mouth. "Y/n I didn't know you felt that way." He said feeling guilty. "Of course you wouldn't." You whimpered. "Maybe I should just leave and you could get the divorce papers, it seems pretty obvious that it's what you want." You whispered looking at him. "What? No! I don't want that, truth is i don't know why I treated you the way I did, believe I still love you I do 100% and I'm so sorry I didn't show you it these past 6 years." He said feeling ashamed of himself. "Louis don't put up with a pathetic girl like me, go for someone young and pretty and isn't so sad as much." You told him. "But I don't want someone younger I want you." He told you looking back into your eyes. "If it's what you want Louis then I'm ok with it." You said as you stood up and went to hug him. "I'm sorry I made you feel that way babe." He said as he hugged you tight and then kissed you. Louis never treated you like shit after that promise you even had another kid 2 years later.

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