Chapter 15

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Aida POV

My head feels fuzzy. I feel like I have been out in the sun all day and I have heat stroke. Or maybe it feels like someone hit me with something large over the head.

I try to open my eyes but they feel heavy and sluggish. Ok. I'll try again. Nothing. This is not great. I can feel my fingers moving. And my toes. I can feel the steady rate of my chest rising and falling. Ok. Not catatonic. Again.

I try a third time and finally I can feel my heavy eyelids blinking lightly and opening ever so slowly.

I open my eyes all the way and adjust to the light above my head. I'm laying on a bed. A hospital bed. I don't recognise the room though. I don't think I have been in this particular room before?

I try to sit up but there is something warm and heavy running along my left arm, stopping me from sitting up very far. I look down for the anchor source and see a series of lines going from an insert into a vein in my arm and out into three different bags.

A tell tale red substance is trickling from my arm into the bags. That's odd. I haven't ever been expected to give blood to the drive due to the amount and type of medication I take daily.

My head is swimming and I feel as though I may be sick. I lay back down on the pillow and the spinning subsides a little.

What is going on? And where are the nurses?

My questions are answered by a voice close by.

"There are no nurses. Just that arsehole Dr Jasper"

That's odd. Did I ask that out loud? No one spoke out loud though. Did they?

Have I developed voices in my head now? Great. Another diagnosis.

Again the girl answers.

"No. It's me. What's wrong with you? Don't you know the difference between a link and a regular conversation in your head?!"

Link. Argent said something about link. What did he say again? That his pack use it as a communication in their minds.

This time the voice speaks out loud. The sound makes me jump, pulling at the cannula in my arm and making it sting a little.

"You know my brother?"

I turn my head towards the sound of the voice and I see a dark haired girl laying two beds over. She is small but has a strong build. Her long hair is matted and damp around her face. She too has a series of lines coming in and out of her arm

"Hi, yes it's me over here? Can you see me? I'm Amalie. Argent is my brother. Have you never linked before or something?"

I stare at her. Her voice is identical to the one that was just in my head.

She looks at me. A frown pulls her brows down. She seems confused. Or impatient.

"I'm Aidalyn." I say and try to steady myself to continue.

"Yes, I know your brother. Well, I met him today. And no, to the linking. I literally just heard about that from your brother today. Was I linking? Just now? Wow. Maybe I am a wolf after all. Shit.
Was that today? I think that it all happened today? Wait, what day is it?. Do you know where we are?"

She stares at me. She starts to shake her head, still frowning.

"That was a lot to take in just now. You were rambling. Yes you were linking. I don't have time to ask about why you have never linked before, we have too much going on. We are in the lab. The dungeon of doom as I call it. It's where Jasper conducts all his evil tests on me and the others like fucking rats."

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