The Rot Within Bellview High

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"That was real, then. That was another trans student I heard arguing with Vinnie Bartek. But why have I never heard of somebody else like me?"

On a whim, Abigail told Eli and Enako the entire story, beginning with the chaos in the girls' restroom the day before, and telling them everything the Secretary had gleefully revealed to her. The other two students were deeply disturbed at the revelations Abigail had brought forth.

Enako muttered, "This semester keeps getting creepier and creepier. First, we started seeing this woman walking around Bellview, then, Abigail talks with her, learning that her manager, whoever that might be, is displeased with Principal Harris and his leadership. And all of this seems to be connected to something vile that happened four years ago...all centered around this unknown trans student, a girl named Nadia."

"But what would this 'Nadia' girl have to do with Vinnie?" Eli mused. "And on that note, why are we just now finding out that Abigail isn't the first trans student to walk these halls? This feels like a cover-up and I don't like it."

Abigail muttered to them, "None of this is adding up. And this is just too damn much to process all at once. First, I find out that Grace's big sis was apparently an obsessive maniac who got sent to Bellview Rehab because...Vinnie Bartek, the football captain back then, publicly humiliated her when they broke up? Eli, there's something I want to ask you."

"What's up?"

"Chase Smith, he went on this bizarre rant to me during gym today that he hates Vinnie for how he apparently handled his breakup with Jessica. According to Chase, Vinnie told Jessica to...well, drop dead, and that whatever Hell was coming for her, she deserved it."

"Holy shit," Enako muttered.

They stood by one of the classroom wings, bidding their extra time before they had to part ways for their next periods. Enako and Abigail looked up to Eli, waiting for him to process Abigail's discomforting revelation.

"Ugh, Chase," Eli said, shaking his head. "He really looked up to Vinnie when he trained us during our first football training camp four years ago, back in the spring of that guy's last year here. I think Vinnie poured his heart out to the wrong recruit, because from what you're telling me Abigail, Chase demonized Vinnie for what he apparently did to Jessica. But allow me to share with you my version of what Vinnie told me back then."

Eli cleared his throat, and told them, "Vinnie got closest to me and Chase out of all of the incoming freshman football players during that training camp. When Chase turned on him, refusing to hear him out, Vinnie decided to open up to me, a guy who was far more willing to listen without freaking out then Chase ever was. Sure, Vinnie did tell me that he turned on Jessica and said those awful things to her when they broke up, but that's not even close to being the full story."

"You see, Vinnie told me that he'd actually been avoiding Jessica for a few weeks leading up to that oh-so infamous public breakup of theirs. Those lovebirds were lovebirds no more, because he was extremely unhappy with her. It's common knowledge even to our class four years after this all went down that Jessica Anderson was even more of an alpha bitch than Grace has ever been. But the ugly, undiscussed part of her reputation here is how downright nasty Jessica was to the students she disliked the most. Vinnie told me, to his shame, that he allowed Jessica to coerce him to physically attack any student who got on her bad side too much; which, by the way, was pretty much only because she was too paranoid about them somehow getting in the way of her 'rule' over the school."

"So Nadia must've been one of her victims then," Abigail mused, shifting about uncomfortably as it all settled in. "During that spell I had back there, I had a nasty vision of Vinnie and Nadia squabbling behind the closed door of the boys' locker room, before he shoved her against the lockers inside there, where the vision suddenly ended."

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