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The tour in Australia had flown by. I was now absolutely humongous and it felt like the twins were always moving so I never slept for more than a couple hours consecutively. My engagement ring had been on proud display since Zayn had announced our impending nuptials in Sydney.

"ZAYN! GEMMA!" Hannah yelled when she saw us at the airport. She pushed her way through the crowd that had gathered to greet us and ran forward.

"Hannah," I breathed, letting go of Zayn's hand and pulling her into my arms. My belly bumped against hers and the two of us started giggling like little girls. "I've missed my baby sister." The paparazzi continued snapping pictures and yelling questions at us, but I ignored them, happy to be with my sister.

"I've missed you too! And I've missed Zayn!" She released me to embrace my fiance, who smiled and wrapped her in his arms. 

"I'll go get our stuff," he said, after releasing her. 

"Gemma, look this way!" One of the paps called.

"Gemma, when's the wedding?"

"Do you know the genders of your babies?"

"When are you due?"




"SHUT UP!" Hannah roared at them. When they ignored her and continued to toss out questions she looked to me. "How do you deal with this all the time?"

"Believe me, it's not easy. Hopefully when these two are born things will get a little less crazy." I sighed and gave my stomach a rub. "But the wedding means things are probably going to stay like this for a while."

"Speaking of which, I'm not sure that I'm really the best person to plan your bachelorette party. I don't know London very well and I live thousands of miles away. Would you be horribly offended if I delegated it to Eleanor?" She asked.

"Of course not! But I don't need a bachelorette party. They supposed to be one last hurrah, but I'm more than happy to put my single days behind me," I replied. "But do you want Eleanor's number so you can call her?"

She nodded and I took out my phone and sent her the number. "You are having a party, and you will love it. Right, Zayn?" 

Zayn had returned, pulling our bags behind him. "Absolutely." He looked at me. " What am I agreeing to?"

"My bachelorette party."

"Whatever you want is fine, love." He kissed my nose and we followed Hannah out to the car. The paps were trailing us, still yelling, but we kept our heads down and plowed forward. 

"Is it bad if I hit them?" Hannah asked after we loaded our stuff into the car.

"They should scatter if you actually start to drive towards them," Zayn replied. He laughed when she revved the engine and began to drive. "You're a natural."

"Hannah how's school going?" I asked, changing the subject. "Have you sent in your college apps?"

"About that..." She sent me a sideways look. "I got in to King's College."

"In England? Hannah that's amazing!" I exclaimed. "I'm so proud of you."

"You'll be close to us!" Zayn said happily. "You can babysit."

"That's part of why I applied. I'm not liking this year of separation from Gemma." She grinned at me and I smiled back. "Zayn, do you have a thicker jacket? You're going to freeze."

"I'm from England. I'm used to the cold," he said confidently.

"You do realize that you're in Minnesota and it's February right? England's got nothing on us." 

"He'll just learn the hard way, I suppose." I shook my head, amused by my fiance's stubbornness. I had tried to warn him about the weather earlier, but he was not having it.

When we got to my aunt and uncle's house we were greeted warmly and shown to the guest room. "You're going to let us sleep in the same bed?" I asked Sophie, raising an eyebrow.

"You're already pregnant," she shrugged, laughing. "Speaking of which, tell me when they kick! I want to feel."

"I definitely will. You won't be waiting long. They move pretty much every two seconds." 

Zayn fought back a yawn and Sophie flitted to the door. "I'll let you two rest. I imagine it's been a long day." She smiled and exited, shutting the door behind her.

I turned around to say something to Zayn, but he was already flopped across the bed, fully clothed and lightly snoring. I giggled and pulled my phone to Tweet a picture.

PreciousGemma123: Guess I'm sleeping on the couch tonight pic.twitter.com/10fjs4

It immediately received thousands of retweets and favorites since my follower count had climbed to over a million. It still baffled me that over a million people cared about what I had to say, though I knew it had almost entirely to do with the man sleeping beside me. I crawled onto the bed and he immediately wrapped an around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. He smelled like the beach after it rains, cigarettes, cinnamon and something that I could only describe as moonlight; it was absolutely intoxicating. 

When I woke up the next morning my head was resting on Zayn's chest. He was already up, texting animatedly on his phone. As soon as he realized I was awake he set down the phone and pressed a kiss on to the top of my head. "Good morning, love."

"Morning," I replied groggily. "Who were you texting?"

"No one," he smiled. "I'm going to take a shower. Smells like breakfast might be ready." He kissed me quickly and walked into the bathroom. 

His phone buzzed again and my curiosity got the better of me. I grabbed the phone and when I saw who it was from, my jaw dropped. I felt my heart pick up its pace, and tears sprang to my eyes. All it took were five words to rip my heart in half.

One New Text Message: Rebecca Ferguson

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