Chapter Twenty-Four: Heart

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Chapter Twenty-Four:

     The kiss ended nearly as quickly as if had started, as his wolf, content with his doings let his reign of power slip. Percyus took that chance to override him and snap his black eyes back to green, frantic fear filled orbs. He immediately released me, spluttering our apologies so fast that I couldn't keep up. He crawled backwards and pressed himself against the wall, the thin blanket falling to expose his black and blue torso. His pain was masked with the utter look of remorse in his eyes.

     I however leaned back in a daze, my fingers hovering over my lips in shock. I been kissed before by Master, but nothing he did ever was so delightful as this was. My lips were tingling in a pleasure I'd never felt before. My stomach had erupted into flutters and my insides knotted up in a big ball. Walla was elated and quickly retreated to the back of my mind to coo about the kiss, much like I wanted to at the moment. However by the look on his face, he didn't feel the same way.

      I bit back a smile and tried to cover the blush atop my cheeks and cleared my throat. It wasn't anywhere near appropriate to be blissful when it was merely an accident. I shouldn't think too far into it as to think he actually liked it as much as I. Scrambling off of the bed to give him space, I sat down in the chair feeling mortified beyond belief. The silence between us was deafening and although no words were spoken I could see the turmoil in his head. I squashed all excitement about the accident and composed myself, knowing a slave like me was only for someone else's pleasure, not my own.

     He put his face in his hands and mulled over the words he would say to me. Was he going to say something mean? Of course he would be disgusted by the thought of his perfect lips touching my cracked, thin, disgusting ones, so why would he sugar coat it. I shoved my hands into my lap and bowed my head, listening to him murmuring to himself while cradling his head in his hands. I couldn't make out any of the words he was saying, all of them a jumble of noises.

     I touched my lips again, barely able to feel anything because they were so numb. Pure bliss rolled over me, overpowering the need to apologize so feverishly. I sat back in the chair, enjoying the buzz zooming through my veins, rumbling down to my toes. I had never felt so good just by one person's touch. It was like his lips were the key to my Pandora box of emotions I'd yet to feel, and passion flowed through me with the steady beat of my heart.

     Did mates always feel like this around each other? If so I liked the prospect of mates much more than I did before, even if it made me look like a needy whore. I wanted to kiss again. I closed my eyes and relived the moment, my heart beating quicker. I swallowed hard, trying hard to suppress the urge to squeal in happiness. It was like I was a balloon and his kiss filled me up with joy.

     It was purely blissful.

     However I was snapped out of it as Percyus's mumbling became louder and it was clear the word he was muttering over and over again like a mantra was 'no'. He shook his head, his hands pressing hard against his eyes as if the punish his wolf form taking control over him.

     I tentatively reached out to grab his hand like I normally would, but he retracted his hand before I could touch him, almost as if I had burned him. He tore his gaze from his hands to my eyes, his green irises filled with an emotion I couldn't decipher. Was is sadness? Anger? It seemed like a mix of the two. I could see the inner turmoil, the swirling emotions clouding his eyes, glassing them over like he wasn't fully conscious. But he definitely was.

     The next words he said cut me down to the bone, leaving me feeling so empty I felt like my insides were no longer in my body. "I think you should leave."

     A sucked in a sharp breath in shock, looking at him with wide, scared eyes. My heart plummeted but beat so hard I thought he might be able to hear it. My skin pulsed, my stomach clenched, my brain gave away. He wanted me to leave? I felt my chest concave as my airways shut in stupification. My mouth opened to say something but got stuck before it rolled past my lips until I forced it out, "What?" My voice gave away.

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