Marooned (glassEyed) (Wk1)

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I am made of gibberish

Gibberish cells

Gibberish tissues

Gibberish particles

Gibberish ideas

Gibberish tastes;

It began with me breathing in gibberish,

The way one drinks in reality -

Hesitantly, hesitantly,


Now I have been named gibberish names

Clothed in gibberish drapes

I speak a gibberish tongue

Draw gibberish on my palms.

See they say to leave you gotta get lost

So I got lost in gibberish the way one gets lost in reality -

Willingly, willingly,


Marooned in a world of symmetry,

Of rhyme and parabolas, of directions and rulers

Gibberish became my raft to reach nowhere land -

Which does not exist but exists in its non-existence

The way gibberish exists in my existence,

(Seeping through all the pores of my being)

But somehow the world says is non-existent.

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