Missing Part

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Rule Number Thirty-Three: There are no such things as mistakes. (Especially when it comes to Harry).

My headache started between my eyes and climbed over my scalp. It was more of a migraine these past couple of days. But it had stayed constant since we had arrived back in New York.

I was more stressed out than I had ever been. My shame and guilt mocked me whenever it got the chance. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep everything was consuming me.

The restaurant was full and the more I waited for her. The more anxious I became. This dress made me look fat and I could feel every thread pressed into my pudgy skin.

I took my fingers and wrapped them around my forearm to see if they still met. They did, overlapping to my second knuckle. I had been doing well, I'd never been this weight before.

I always believed once I had gotten to this point I would feel amazing. That clothes would hang on me perfectly and that I'd be happy with myself.

But I wasn't.

Everything felt wrong and horrible. I wasn't sure what the cause was anymore. If it was stress, Tom, or the situation with Harry.

Taking a sip of my water, I told myself that if she's wasn't here in the next couple of minutes that I would have to leave.

But as if that summoned her, Noel walked through the restaurant. Her eyes searching for me. They soon landed on my lone figure, her smile brightening in success.

"For a second there, I thought I was stood up" I awkwardly spoke making a shitty joke.

I stood to receive her hug before sitting across from her. Noel's hair was now short, brushing the tops of her shoulders but still platinum blonde. She wore oversized jeans and an old band T that had seen better days.

But she looked gorgeous, I was so envious it pricked my skin. She was the type of girl a man never left.

"I'd never stand up lunch with an old friend" she smiled searching over the short but trendy menu.

"Although" she stopped "I can't help but ask what I did to deserve this honour?".

My studying of her seized and I knew that my intentions probably came off strange. We hadn't seen each other since my wedding and the relationship between her and Harry hadn't ended well.

"No reason, I just heard about you and Harry and wanted to see if you were okay".

The waiter interrupted us for a second, I ordered the soup which would be half eaten by the time I was done with it. And of course, Noel got something loaded with carbs without a shame in the world because none of it would stick to her.

When the waiter turned away, Noel set her attention back on me.

"I'm doing just fab, thanks for asking. But that's not the reason your here" she mewed, her soft pink lips curing over her perfect teeth.

She caught me red-handed as if I were a soulless tramp. I really did want to see how she was doing. I was a kind and thoughtful person.

"Listen your not the only one to contact me about him. But unfortunately, I have no idea where he went" her eyes had a certain sympathy, it was genuine. The inquiries made her too wonder what had happened to the green-eyed mirage.

My eyes dropped to the table, I tried my best not to be embarrassed.

"You must be annoyed, I'm sorry" I shook my head.

Noel's face softened and she stood straighter.

"No, you're his family I understand. Plus there were no hard feeling between me and Harry. It just simply fizzled out, he became preoccupied with something else. And that something wasn't me".

I felt guilty because my wonder did not come from family grief. It came from a lover scorned.

The morning after we had sex I awoke to someone else beside me. It was Tom and he was oblivious to what had happened hours before. And exactly how many times it did happen.

Tom's reaction was complacent when we had realized Harry had fled. It hadn't affected him because it was the norm. But it wasn't for me, especially since I allowed Harry to see me in my most vulnerable form. I guess that's what you got when you cheated.

"Nobody seems to care besides me and his mother. And if there's anything I know about Harry he left because something hurt him. Because that's what he does- he runs until he feels people have forgotten" I bit my tongue from cursing. The bastard didn't even have the nerve to say goodbye.

I didn't know what upset Harry, what made him leave when I was right here all along. A sharp pang hit my temples again and I winced.

Noel realized my reaction and became concerned.

"Excuse me" I muttered feeling vertigo and trying to stop myself from toppling over.

Grabbing my purse, I took out my extra strength Advil that had become my best friend lately. Taking three at a time I swallowed them down with icy cold water. The vision of the number 1967 sketched into tanned skin etched into my brain.

I had memorized the look of it when he hovered over me for quite a long time weeks ago.

"Just stress" I reassured hoping that I would be grounded once again.

"Where ever he is, I'm sure he'll come back" she continued, taking the focus off me, which I was grateful for.

And she was right, but like any other time, something had to spike his interest enough to come back. I wasn't quite sure what that would be. But I hoped it was me.

What do you think is causing Ana's migraines? Where do you think Harry's went and why? I know you guys hate me right now but trust me, you'll love it in the end!!!

Thank you for everything, your all too sweet! ♥


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