Chapter Twenty-Six: Walking on Eggshells

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Walking on Eggshells  

      Morning came far too soon but unlike my other mornings this one was blissful.

      I was able to wake up with her in my arms again in the floor of my office, I felt as if this was how my life should be.

      While the stress with Kat was understandable given the circumstances, it wasn', it was bearable and I'd continue to deal with it if that meant more morning like this.

      I watched as she slept peacefully, head cradled in the nook of my neck and legs entwined with my right side. Though I couldn't see her curves first hand, the sheet we'd brought from the bedroom clung to her body like silk, mimicking her sultry shape.

      Every once in a while she'd shift but would never release the hold her body had on mine and I hoped it would be this way forever.

      However, things needed to be done before she rose for the day, starting with breakfast. Or rather my second attempt at breakfast. I'd been able to tear myself from her for a moment to toss the first burnt batch but now my stomach growled in protest and I knew she'd be just as hungry when she woke.

      I shimmied away from her, carefully as to not wake her, and began breakfast.

      Once it was completed I went to set it on the desk so she would see it when she decided to get up for the day. I, on the other hand, drank a cup of coffee and jumped in the shower to rid myself of the lingering lust seeing her peaceful form had caused.

      It wasn't long before I heard her stir, probably from the smell of the food, and call my name. When she didn't come to find me, I figured she'd found breakfast and was eating, however the jolt of loud rock music that rang though the house shocked me. As soon as it sounded it ended and, since it was only eight in the morning, I figured she had turned it off and would come to join me. I had half a mind to call her name but before I could the doorbell was ringing.

      I wasn't expecting company so I let it ring at first, knowing it would make Kat come find me and maybe would could have another round before she had to leave for the day.

      But when it stopped chiming and I thought I heard the front door open my mind finally realized who could be coming over at this hour. My wife was still out of town since it was still the holiday weekend but Ronald had nothing better to do than to intrude on what was supposed to be my sulking.

      Realizing the situation I quickly shut off the water and exited the bathroom while trying to get my boxers on.

      I'd heard him calling my name from downstairs and I answered though knew he wouldn't heed my warning of staying at the front door.

      "Bennie?" he asked once more with a bit of amusement in his voice and I knew he'd found my little secret.

      I met him at the office entrance but couldn't keep my eyes off the dancing Katerina. Her back was to us, exposing her bottom which peeked out from under the shirt she had slipped on from yesterday. My large headphones were connected to her head and plugged into the record player while she no doubt moved to the beat of one of my rock albums.

      Ron turned to stare at me curiously. "And who is this?"

      I debated telling him the truth but knew I was already caught. Lying to him would only blow up in my face later when I decided to actually come clean so I told him.

      "This is Katerina." I rubbed the back of my neck. "She' of my students."

      His brows knit with confusion as he looked between the two of us. "And would you mind explaining why she is in your home, half dressed?"

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