After The Sun Goes Down - Introduction

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Hello, and Welcome! This is my sequel to Once When I Was A Vampire! However, After The Sun Goes Down can be read as a standalone novel. You don't need to read Once to understand what's going on in it. So to any new readers please don't be put off that this is a sequel, you can read away without worrying that you've missed something vital to the story.

This new story features some of the characters from Once, but the main two, Mary and Harvey, will not be featured, their story began and ended in Once.

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'Go on. Drink it.'

'Anna,' Cassius hissed again, but Anna's attention was locked onto me. She was the attack dog and I was the intruder. She moved the glass closer to my lips and I squirmed in the chair, shuffling away until I was pressed against the back of the seat. I was stuck like a mouse in a trap.

'Go on,' her voice was hard, determined to bend me to her will, but I continued to refuse her. My lips stayed pressed together, a pair of pliers couldn't separate them. There was no way I was drinking blood. Perhaps there were demons out there that drank human blood, but I wasn't one of them.

'Do it!' Her eyes flashed and she thrust her drink at me, the cold glass hitting my mouth, but I refused to open my lips and blood ran down my chin.

Anna was angry now and her free hand grabbed my shoulder to hold me still.

'Drink! Drink you pitiful little maid!'

Instinctively, my hand reached out and wrapped around her wrist as she continued to force the glass into my face. Her skin was cool against mine, but I put force into my actions and tried to push her arm and the glass away.

Anna didn't notice my touch. Why would she? She was a strong vampire with a body made of stone, while I was a small maid with no strength to match, just like the mouse trying to fight its way out from the steel trap.

'Anna! Enough!' Cassius stood up in one fluid motion, but still Anna didn't halt. She was strong-minded; I could see it in her eyes. Anna wasn't going to stop until she got what she wanted.

But I wasn't going to give in either...

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