Chapter 29: Just What Is So Good About Su Jian? How Is She Better Than Me?

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Till the end of the movie, An Yize did not speak to Su Jian, he only used his hands to hug him. After that incident, Su Jian was completely absorbed in watching the movie and did not care about anything else. He finished the movie comfortably in An Yize’s embrace.

After the movie has ended, Su Jian felt that it was still not enough. However, as soon as the room lit up, he stuck out his head curiously and looked towards the neighboring couple that stood up.

It was a couple that was similar to them. The man seemed to be in his 30s, but he did not look as young as An Yize, and neither was he as handsome as An Yize. The woman looked like she was in her 20s and she looked pure. Never would he expect that she would engage in such an unrestrained act.

An Yize stroked Su Jian’s hair gently as he asked, “What are you doing?”

Su Jian turned his head back immediately, “It’s nothing! Let’s go!”

An Yize held him back, “Wait for the others to leave first, so that they will not bump into you.”

Su Jian sat down obediently. After most of the people left, An Yize helped him up. Su Jian held his crutches firmly. Suddenly, he saw the rose on his seat and was shocked: sh*t! I didn’t notice that I flattened the rose by sitting on it!

After all, this was something that An Yize had bought for him. Su Jian finally understood. An Yize bought the flower for him in order to show that they were a “loving” couple. After all, they were now outside and it was also the Qixi Festival. As a husband, it would be strange if he didn’t buy some flowers for his wife. On the contrary, he did not cooperate at all and even crushed the rose that was gifted by his husband into a rose biscuit! Su Jian felt a little guilty. He pretended to be enthusiastic, “Don’t forget the rose you gave me!”

Noticing the flattened corpse of the rose, An Yize said silently, “Since it’s spoilt, then let’s just discard it.”

“How can we do that!” Su Jian said righteously: “This is something you bought for me! No matter what it has become, I still want it!”

An Yize looked at him before picking up the desolate rose silently.

Su Jian emphasized, “Hold it carefully!”

As for what the rest of the crowd, they saw a beautiful girl holding crutches, followed by an attractive man holding a half-dead rose with a wooden face walking out.

“Hey look, there’s a handsome man over there!”

“Wow, he’s very handsome! He also resembles Ye Lang!”

“Oh, that’s true! He does look a bit like Ye Lang! However, is the girl holding the crutches his girlfriend? Sigh… Why does every handsome man have a girlfriend?”

“That should be the case. If not, why is he helping her?”

“It’s not certain. Maybe he is just a compassionate person helping the disabled?”

Not far away, the conversation of the two girls could faintly be heard. Once Su Jian heard their conversation, he knew that they were talking about An Yize and could not help but feel sour. In addition, he wasn’t sure if it was because he was feeling too sour, but his stomach felt uncomfortable.

“Yize.” An Yize stopped his steps. “I want to go to the washroom.”

An Yize nodded his head: “Then, I will wait for you here.”

“Okay.” Su Jian moved forward slightly, but stopped suddenly. Slightly embarrassed, he added, “It might take a while.”

An Yize replied, “I will wait for you. Be careful.”

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