Chapter 27: Did An Yize Specifically Bring Him To Watch A Movie For Valentines?

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With the cake as a mediator, Su Jian and An Yize were able to get along once again.

Eating the cake from Three Little Bears which was conveniently brought by An Yize, An Yirou said to Su Jian, “Third sister-in-law, thank you!”

Su Jian replied, “What are you thanking me for? Didn’t your brother buy the cake for you?”

An Yirou replied happily, “Third brother was buying the cake for you and that’s why he also bought some for me at the same time. Of course, I have to thank you.”

Su Jian’s mouth twitched, “Xiao Rou, you are being deceived! Actually, your brother loves to eat this cake. It’s just that he felt embarrassed; that’s why he used me as an excuse to buy some for himself!”

An Yirou asked in surprise, “Are you sure? Third brother doesn’t really like sweet food.”

Su Jian replied, “He likes it. It’s just that as a man, being fond of sweet food is nothing to be proud of, so he pretends that he does not like it.” Your mom! In front of me, he does not even pretend. Whenever I’m eating a cake, he eats my cake so naturally!

An Yirou was still doubtful, but she did not press on. She pulled Su Jian along to watch some dramas, giving negative reviews as they watched.

Suddenly, an advertisement popped up from the bottom right corner of the computer screen. Su Jian gave it a quick glance. It was a promotional advertisement which said, “XX Mall Celebrating Qixi Festival With You.”

Su Jian did not pay it much attention. However, An Yirou who was sitting beside him said, “Oh right. In two days, it will be the Qixi Festival.”

Throughout the year, the three days which Su Jian hated the most were February 14th the seventh day of July[1] and November 11th. In the past, during these three days, he would be the same as countless netizens, gathering all of the loners in the world and forming a large FFF Inquisition to roast all the couples around.

Looking at the smiling Su Jian, An Yirou teased, “Third sister-in-law, how do you plan to spend a romantic day with third brother?”

Romantic? There is no way Su Jian could associate this word with him and An Yize. Thus, he shook his head.

An Yirou said in disagreement, “The both of you have just married recently, how can you not celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Because we are not a couple! Naturally, he couldn’t tell her the real reason. Therefore, Su Jian found some other excuse. “Qixi Festival does not seem to fall on a weekend. Your third brother needs to work.”

An Yirou replied helplessly, “Third sister-in-law, do you need to be so virtuous? Plus, it won’t hurt for third brother to apply for a day’s leave!”

Since he was already labeled as “Virtuous”, Su Jian could only choose to accept. Assuming a generous and understanding attitude, he replied, “I think it is better not to. His work is more important.”

An Yirou teased him, “Third sister-in-law, does third brother know that you are so considerate of him?”

Su Jian replied in pretense of being deadly earnest. “Of course he knows. Otherwise, why would he marry me?”

An Yirou started laughing.

Nevertheless, a day before Qixi Festival, An Yirou looked for An Yize after he got off work without letting Su Jian know.

“Third brother, do you know what day it is tomorrow?” An Yirou asked.

“August 2nd.” An Yize looked at his sister. “I remember that tomorrow is not your birthday.”

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