Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"Seriously?" I ask, laughing as I watch Jason stand from the edge of his bed, yelling 'yes' at the top of his lungs as he fist pumps the air. He glances at me over his shoulder, perched up against his pillows with my laptop on my lap, the glow from it and the TV the only thing illuminating the room. He smiles at me, sitting back down and lowering his arms before reaching out and pushing my laptop lid down.

"Yes, seriously. Did you see that? It was the best touchdown in the history of the universe." He says, sounding ecstatic as he uses his other hand to gesture back towards the TV.

"No, I was too busy trying to finish this assignment when you rudely interrupted." I tease, making him smirk and roll his eyes.

"Come on Steph, you love football." He taunts, gently starting to tug on my laptop. I roll my eyes, letting him take it and set it on his bedside table before propping himself up on the pillow on the other side of the bed.

"Just until the end of the game and then I really do have to finish that assignment," I state, half lying down and cuddling my pillow, ignoring the smug look I am sure he is giving me.

I lie there, on the side pushed up against the wall while he lies on the outside, both of us only moving when we want to lean closer to the screen and before long we are both screaming and celebrating when touchdowns are got.

At the end, the score is tied and I watch as the ball is thrown down the field, making Jason and me lean forward, tense as we wait to see if they can get the touchdown. After a tense second, we see a guy catch it, standing over the line. 

"We won!" I squeal happily, jumping on the bed on my knees, as Jason stands and fist pumps the air, making me laugh again. "You really need to stop doing that. Someone might think you're weird."

He gives me a flat look, yet his happiness doesn't allow it to last long as a second later he is grinning again. I smile, watching the excitement roll off him as he continues to stand and glance back at the TV.

Like usual, I take the opportunity of him not looking to run my eyes over him, taking in his short, yet soft brown hair, which is slightly curly, his sparkling brown eyes, his strong stubble covered jaw and his impressive cheekbones. Before I can stop myself, my eyes lower to his strong arms, which are poking out of his tight t-shirt, before moving to his strong chest, which I know is toned and as tanned as the rest of him.

I grab hold of the little willpower I have to stop myself moving my eyes down any further, yet I don't really need to anyway. I can already imagine his ass looking perfect in his jeans, his strong, yet not too bulky legs perfectly sculpted.
I actually have to busy myself with grabbing my laptop again to stop my mind from going the one place it always wonders to.

"Steph, you can't seriously be going back to that assignment. We just won! We should go for a celebratory drink!" He declares, grabbing my laptop again before I can open it. "Come on, go get changed."

I raise an eyebrow, able to push my previous thoughts to the back of my mind to stop him knowing what I was thinking, a skill I have been able to practice in the two and a half years I have known him.

"Jason, it's late," I whine, pouting in an attempt to get him to give in, yet he merely rolls his eyes and shakes his head, his eyes moving to my Nike shorts and simple black top with a cardigan over the top. Not in any way stylish or sexy, yet comfy. He has seen me much worse than this and while I used to fret over what he thought of me, I soon realised he didn't seem to care.

"It's ten." He points out, glancing at his expensive watch, which I have always asked about, yet all I can get out of him is that it has been in his family for generations. Looking at it, you could likely tell that as the face is scratched and while he has replaced the strap recently, it is in need of another one. "Come on."

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