Chapter 18: I'm gay and I'm happy

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In some of the chapters earlier, I said I would finish this up in 20-22 chapters, well as the story progressed I slowly came up with new ideas for the story so I might make more chapters and they would be longer than 1000 words since that's what I originally tried to do, I tried making a 1000 words limit for each chapter but I might just extend it to 1500 words from now on. 

I just wanna finish this story so I can focus on other BL Otome game stories I had in mind, I even have about 2 drafts written up already XD So if the story plot seems a bit rushed then I apologise for that >< thanks for reading! I'm so happy that the first story I ever created got a good response T^T

 I love you guys! ~




2) ???????????????

After burning all the snacks and letters inside the incinerator, I ran back to my classroom to grab my gym outfit, but before I could enter the classroom, I've noticed noise from someone inside the classroom, "Mhm!" I heard moans from outside the classroom, "wait I have to go to lesson right now-!" but was caught off with another passionate kiss. 

"Come on now, I'm sure you're friends can make up an excuse for your absent" that voice! I look through the gap of the door to see, Aki and one of my classmates making out "but still!" he heavily puffs but because of his resistant Aki showed a clear face of annoyance and kissed his teeth. 

"You're boring!" he threw my classmate to the ground "that's it I'm done with you, goodbye boy toy #7!" just as Aki was about to storm off he was pulled back, "wait please! I don't want you to leave me!" Aki smirks knowing this is all part of his scheme, "okay then-" he hops up on one of the wooden desks and folded his legs together, "lick it!" he seductively points his black leather high heels boots at him.

"Y-Yes my queen!" my classmate immediately went down on his knees to start cleaning off Aki's boots, Aki smirked at the pitiful sight and giggles. 

Okay yeah, I don't wanna see anymore, I'll just make up an excuse to the teacher and say I forgot it. Quickly exiting the scene that cannot be forgotten, I never realised that Aki noticed my presence at the time.

I arrived outside where the running field was "Mr Hellsing!" the PE teacher noticed me, "why are you not in your gym uniform?" I quietly panic, "apologies sir my gym uniform did not arrive on time" he looked at me with rage blazing on the inside but he sighs "fine I'll let you off with a warning this time Hellsing since you are new but beware! the next time you come to my class without your uniform I'll make sure you'll suffer!" I gulp, "yes sir."

I took a seat on a bench nearby and watched my classmates listen to a long lecture about the importance of warming up, even I got bored as I watch the teacher do some long lecture until he finally decided to let them run 10 laps around the track, RIP them.

While they were busy running a sudden presence sat next to me, "Hey Alex!" it was none other than Haru, "what are you doing here? shouldn't you be in your lesson?" he nodded and pointed at a separate class of younger males warming up by stretching, and amongst them, I spotted Ken focused on the lesson.

"Ken..." I mumbled his name for Haru to hear, "Alex," he placed his soft hand over mine, "you shouldn't be focused on that, but rather-" he pulls my hand and slowly pull my hand up his shirt, "-here" he smirks and instinctively I pulled my hand away, "Haru what the hell!" he chuckles at my reaction.

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