Chapter 2

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I unpacked my things, taking my time to really get settled. I was going to be there for a long while and I detested living out of a suitcase longer than I needed to. I pushed Viktor's suits to the back corner of the walk-in closet and began hanging up my extensive wardrobe. After finishing that I moved my items into the bathroom, again sweeping Viktor's things to the side. He was a meticulous man but was going to have to share the space, especially while he wasn't here. I threw my now empty suitcases on the top shelf in the back of the walk in closet, dusting off my hands.

I walked out to look around the room. It was all black, elegant, and stunning. It needed some touches of red though in my opinion. I sighed and turned to walk down the hallway to the study to meet with Nicolae, as I had promised. The nanny was messing around in the dining room, getting herself something to eat by the looks of it, as I passed by. I continued down the hallway to the study. I walked in the open door to see Nicolae pacing in front of the windows that over looked the gardens in the back of the manor. His thoughts were dwelling on not taking care of things well enough that Viktor had sent me. Damn straight.

"Nicolae," I said, getting his attention. He stopped his pacing and looked up at me. "Sasha, thank you for being willing to come and speak with me." I simply blinked my acceptance of his words. "You had questions?" "Viktor didn't fully explain all that he wanted you to, ahem, 'fix' when we talked on the phone. What exactly are his concerns?" I sneered at him. How could he not know? I stepped farther into the room looking at him. "You really have no idea?" I could feel his probing attempts at gaining entry to my mind once again. "Really?" I asked in an incredulous way. He smiled in a calm way, trying to soothe me with his power. We looked at one another in silence for a few moments.

"Well," I huffed, throwing my arm out toward the study door, "that, for starters." The door slammed shut, sending the snooping tramp of a nanny sprawling out on her exposed butt. I had heard her sneaking her way down the hallway from the dining room to listen in on our conversation. Nicolae gawked at me. "Oh come now, you knew as well as I that she was snooping. That can be a very dangerous trait to have in this mansion. Has she tried snooping in the basement yet? I suppose you stopped her just in time like the others. The hired help shouldn't be snooping around where she doesn't belong. Viktor will come for her if she ever does make it down there."

"Sasha, what is your relationship with Viktor, exactly?" Nicolae asked looking at me. I just smiled at him. "He turned me if that's what your asking. It was a very long time ago; almost as long ago as your conversion I believe." "How did we not know of you then?" "You think Viktor shares all of his secrets with you? He kept me over in Europe for his dealings there up until now, using my skills as he saw fit." "And what skills are those? You obviously are a witch of extensive power." I smiled a mocking smile at him. "Mmmm, yes, well let's just say he kept me secret for a reason." "What is your full name, Sasha?" "Sasha Genovese, though I suppose you could also change it to Sasha Bartholy, as you all have switched yours because of Viktor."

His mind began trying to sort out if I was to be considered a sister or not, then. I couldn't stop the laugh that erupted from me, listening to him. "No, Nicolae, not even close. Let's just stick with Sasha Genovese for now, shall we? What can you tell me about the Templars?" Nicolae leaned away from me, crossing his arms. His cross pendant caught my attention, drawing my eyes to his throat for a moment. My eyes came back to his which were watching me intensely. "Your diet may be a problem for fitting in around here, Sasha." "You let me worry about that, alright? I'm here to fix problems, not make more of them by being reckless. There are plenty of ways of getting what I need without drawing unwanted attention."

Nicolae pursed his lips. "You will not bring your victims in the house. Drogo struggles enough as it is without you bringing anyone here." "That shouldn't be a problem. My question is if he struggles so much with control why do you allow him to screw around with the nannies so much? He's already had several slip-ups from what I understand." Nicolae frowned at me, still with his arms crossed. "You try holding him back when the girl is practically throwing herself at him." "Oh I intend to spoil their fun. Even if I need to dismiss her and find a nanny that has 'less appeal' than the current ones you've been hiring. He might not be so inclined to go to bed with the nanny if she is a 60 year old woman, don't you think?"

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