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So my day today was actually pretty bad, my math class was being annoying and someone who I thought was my friend made fun of me being flat chested, when she knows not to joke about that to me because that and calling me anorexic are things she knows not to joke about to me. And someone used to call me flat chested for years and I don't talk to her anymore, we're not cool, we're not friends and we hate each other.

So someone who I thought was my friend and wouldn't do that to me did that to me cause she sees how I am around that person that I don't talk to anymore, and she knows why we don't talk any more. She knows why we hate each other.

So I thought for a fact she wouldn't do that to me, but she did.

And the worst part was, the other girl next to me didn't say anything to her, and when I was angry in class, she was like "why are you mad?" When she was right there when it happened, and heard and saw what happened

And the girl who I thought was my friend then asked me and the end of class "Are you ok?" Like, no I'm not, and you know full well why. So don't pull that "Are you ok?" Innocent not knowing on me, cause you know what you did.

I wasn't joking when I said I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day.

Yes I am wearing a bra, and yes I do need to wear one.

So yeah, my day was terrible.

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