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"Have you called Mitch?"
I shook my head, practically shaking in my seat at the thought of the cute brunette I had come so far to see again.
Ever since I left, three years ago, all I could think about was how much I missed Mitch and how badly I wanted to see him again. Now that I was on summer break, two years away from graduating law school and was financially stable again, I was more than ready to pack up my bags and move back to California just to be with him.
"No, but I talked to Kirstie and she's going to convince him to go to the park and I wanted to surprise him there. It's the one we all used to got to after school; by the bay,"
"Ah that's so cute," Kevin smiled. "I remember how much time we all spent there during high school."
"I know right? I feel like it's only right to surprise him again, after nearly three years apart, at the same spot we used to spend most of our time in."
"I definitely think so too. It's straight out of a Sparks movie! Have you guys stayed in contact?"
"Yeah, of course. We Skyped a lot when I first left and then it just turned into phone calls and texts once school picked up. How's- has he found anyone? Like, is he seeing someone?"
I was relieved, to say the least, when Kevin shook his head. "Not since you left, no. He's been focusing on on school and— and stuff,"
"Stuff? Like what?"
"Erm— I think that's something he'd want to talk about. Anyways, we're here," looking back up, I saw we were pulling up to the entrance of the park. Kevin dropped me off at the entrance and wished me luck before I jogged inside to look for Mitch. As if on cue, Kirstie texted me and I nearly screamed with excitement.

Kirstie: I see you! We're by the swings!
Me: Coming :D

I turned and jogged to the playgrounds and when I saw my beautiful brown haired best friend sitting with Kirstie at a picnic bench, I felt my heart practically slam out of my chest.
Mitch noticed me the second I saw him and seeing his reaction made me beam.
"Scott? Oh my god!" I grinned when he stood and hugged me, his arms around me and causing me to melt against him.
"I missed you so fucking much, baby," I mumbled against his shoulder, holding him close. "Oh my god,"
"How are you here?!" He asked, still shocked as we pulled apart and I laughed. "I thought you said you couldn't leave law school?"
I shrugged, shoving my hands into my jacket pockets. "I may or may not have talked my Dean into getting me a transfer to USF,"
"Wait, really? Holy sh- you're staying?"
I nodded, my smile returning. "I couldn't be away from you any longer, Mitchie. I missed you so m-"
"Daddy!" My head snapped up when a toddler ran up to Mitch, gripping his leg and letting out a cry. I thought it was a mistake until Mitch completely forgot about me and crouched down to wipe the kids' cheeks.
"What's wrong, baby? What happened to your pants, love? They're all dirty,"
"Got push off slide.." he whimpered, hiding his face in Mitch's neck and balling up his shirt.
"What? I'm so sorry, buddy. Here, let's just sit for a little and have some snacks, yeah?" Mitch ignored me until I squeaked out his name, his head snapping up and eyes widening.
He completely forgot I was standing right next to him.
"Is— what's going on, Mitch? Who is that?"


Hi hello! Welcome to a new book full of cute family moments, fluffy scomiche and very little drama! There aren't enough stories out there of our favourite a capella group as parents so I can't wait to share this one!
Thanks for checking out the story!

Posting chapter 2 in a few x


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