Part 67 - In sickness and in health

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Three days later -------

"Just one more day and we'll be at terminus" Rick explained to the group. We had been walking for what seemed like weeks but it had taken longer to get her then we initially thought, we still had one day to travel. We hadn't had much sleep since that group attacked us, there was no place to stay, just woodlands. We had to make up camp every night, two people on watch while the rest sleep, though no one really slept. We were all so tired and exhausted, I don't think we could go on much longer, thank god terminus was just another day away. We were losing light fast so we needed to find a place to stay, and quick. "Hey... I see a house... Down there" Michonne pointed out, I looked up to see the brick roof and the white washed walls of the house Michonne had seen. "Thank god" I mumbled under my breath, thankful that we had somewhere to stay.

As we got closer, we saw that the house looked like it hadn't been touched. "House looks good..." Daryl declared, running up the stairs, on to the porch. He took the butt of his crossbow and banged it onto the door, this was the easiest way to draw walkers from their hiding places, this wouldn't put our lives in as much danger and it was the quickest way. There was no sound, no signs of movement, the house was a stagnant shell that looked like the last people who were in this house were its permanent residents before this whole mess started. Daryl began to try and open the lock while everyone got their belongings onto the porch. I began to lug up my rucksack when I felt a strange feeling in my stomach, I began to feel sick. I dropped my rucksack and clenched at my stomach, causing me to hunch over, ughh I was going to throw up. I ran to the side of the porch and leant over, I didn't want anyone to see me, especially Rick. I felt a hand start to rub my back, moving in an anti-clockwise motion. "Jess are you alright?" I heard Rick ask in a concerned tone as he was walking towards me, turning around I saw that it was Michonne rubbing my back.

I nodded "Yeah... I'm fine don't worry about me" I replied, wiping my mouth and rummaging through my rucksack to fond my pink toothbrush to clean my mouth. "Something just came over me I dunno" I continued, still searching for my toothbrush. Memories of the flu outbreak at the prison came flooding through my mind, what if I was ill again? "Oh god, you don't think I have that flu again?" I asked, hoping no would be the answer, it nearly killed me and I knew it would take my life the second time it came around. "Naw, vomiting was a symptom for that, I think you're just under the weather, well stay here tonight and get to terminus tomorrow, we don't have long to go" Rick assured me, which calmed my nerves and heartbeat considerably. "I'll be fine, if everyone just wants to press on we can, don't worry about me" I pleaded, though rick just shook his head "We'll stay here tonight, okay?" He said, finishing the conversation before I could argue with him.

Once we had moved all of our stuff in to the house, I ran upstairs to find a toilet. I peered in cautiously, hoping there wouldn't be any horrible surprises on the other side. Nothing. Great I thought, as I walled through and closed the door behind me. I glanced through the old dusty mirror wiping it with the sleeve of my coat as I did. I looked to see if there was an indication that I was becoming ill, I looked under my eyes, but there was only darkness from where I hadn't slept, maybe that waa why I was feeling under the weather? My cheeks were perfectly pink as the always were, so I poked my tongue put to see if it had gone pale or something, but nothing, it actually looked healthier than normal. To be frank, I felt fine, I didn't really feel ill anymore. Its strange how the body works I thought. I shook my head and came away from my distracting thoughts and began to search through the cabinets for supplies. Rummaging through the whole room all I found was some tampons, massage oil and a few pregnancy kits. Wow this family must have been busy with there after hours activities. This though made me chuckle to myself, but I stopped as someone came in. Rick peered around the door and smiled. "How are you feeling?" He asked, with his whole body in the room now.  I nodded quickly "I feel fine don't worry" he came closer, kissed my forehead and snaked an arm around my waist. He looked down at the stuff I had found and stared for a moment and picked up the pregnancy test. "Better take one, if we find Glenn and Maggie, they might need one of these" his face dropped, I could see he was thinking about Lori, but he continued, "they couldn't seem to stop when we were at the prison" he chuckled and placed one more kiss on my forehead before leaving the room. I collected everything I needed, minus the massage oil and left the room following Rick out.

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