Chapter 3

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''no... I see it in your eyes'' he mutters, curiosity brimming in his eyes. ''You're no human...what and who exactly are you..?''


You blink, processing what he had just asked you. You sat there speechless, unable to find words.

I'm not....


And the next that registered into your numbed mind was the fact that you had no family, no friends, no kind of relationship with anyone that you were aware of.

You were alone.

Left alone with these bloodsucking monsters who you had happened to run into after waking up in the middle of a forest, completely unaware of your own identity.

Yet you remembered your name?

You close your eyes slowly, trying to recall anything- however your memories remain elusive and hazy.

You bury your face into your hands and sigh deeply, despair flooding within you.

The rest watch in sympathy, some confused, some curious and some guilty.

''...I think you should rest'' Jin says softly, and a set of sturdy hands lift you up and take you somewhere. And when you open your eyes, you find yourself looking up at a dazzling chandelier, hanging on the ceiling of the fairly large bedroom.

''what are we gonna do with her hyung?'' a voice whispers outside the door.

''yo I think we should just kill-''


Exhaustion seeps into your bones, as your eyes flutter closed, your mind thickening into a honey-like state as it shuts down.

And although you distantly hear someone saying ''she's so beautiful....almost as beautiful me...'' you don't remember it.


You awake from your deep slumber, blinking a few times until you regained your senses. You sit up, looking around in wonder at your unfamiliar surroundings. You feel for your neck and find that the bite from last night had been securely patched and treated, and that you were in a set of fresh new clothes.

It took you a few seconds to click on.

Someone had changed your clothes.

And seen you naKED.

You flush hot from embarrassment and mentally note to kill whoever it was.

After refreshing yourself in the unfamiliar washroom, on leaving you come face to face with a startled Jungkook.

''s-so you're awake?'' he asks, backing away. Jimins head pops up from behind him and he smiles widely.

''GUYSSSSS!! THE QUEEN HAS AWAKENED'' he yells at the top of his lungs, running away squealing.

''uhm what-''

''followmedownstairs'' Jungkook says too fast for you to understand, grabbing your wrist and half running. You're taken to a large dining room and are seated on a table full of delicious smelling food. And beyond the table all seven of the men were lined up in an orderly manner, ready to say something which seemed of relevance judging by their expressions.

''now'' Namjoon whispered. ''1, 2, 3!''

''ANNYEONGHASEYO BANGTAN SONYEONDAN!'' they all chimed together, bowing.

You tilt your head in a gesture of incomprehension.

wow...did they totally forget about last night?

''I'm Jin! I cooked all that btw, I'm like the mum of this house'' he smiled. ''and I may be the mum round here but you can call me dadd-'' he let out a windshield laugh that even made me chuckle a bit, before he was interrupted.

''yo'' he stuck his middle finger out and flashed a smile. ''Yoongi''

''I'm Hoseok and I'm your hope!'' he ecstatically laughs, his smile brighter than my future. ''I can also be your HOPE without the P if you'd like'' he winks.

''ew. Anyway I'm Namjoon, like the only smart one round here. so yeah, whats poppin?'' he gives me a thumbs up.

''hello I'm Jimin!'' he greets, running a hand through his hair which seemed attractive in a way. ''I hope we get along! Like reaalllyyyy along!''

Taehyung nudged him with his elbow. ''I'm Taehyung, well you can call me V, y'know V for Vampire and the one who bit you sorrynotsorry. Anyway I think you're cute!''

Jungkook broke out from his daze. ''oh I'm- I'm uh- Jungkook. The youngest here'' he slurred his words.

They all waited intently, expecting a reaction. You stared back blankly.

''so which one of you fuckers thought it was ok to chANGE MY CLOTHES WHILE I WAS SLEEPING?!''

It became silent for a while until raucous laughter explodes.

''I swear it was you!'' Taehyung accused Namjoon as he put his hands in the air defensively.

''me?! I couldn't even take a glimpse! False accusement! You on the other hand was literally eye-fucking her!!''

''what the- complete and utter bull! I had to stop your horny asses from LITERALLY fuc-''

''It was Jungkook!'' Hoseok yells, as the youngers ears turn red. They all turn to the younger immediately.



''OH MY GOD CULPRIT CONFIRMED'' they all screamed, havoc and craziness filling the room.

Amidst the havoc you decide it was the perfect chance to munch and rob as much food as possible.

And fully occupied, you sneak out.

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