chapter 14- Twists And Turns Part 1

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Author's Note: Sorry for the lateness, as always, I got caught up as usual. i've decided that I will introduce more characters as we go along the story line. I hope you  like it.


 -Previously on Living With A Hot Devil-

Mekeala wrapped her arms around his neck and asked, feeling his hands going under her shirt, 'quickie?"

"Yes, and you're going to love it." He smirked and purred. "And I'll so too."


 -Living with a Hot Devil: chapter 14: Twist and Turns Part 1-

A sleepy tired moan flew out from the mouth of the man beneath Mekaela. Tyler stirred tiredly. The giggles that escape from the Godsend angel who exhausted him last night made him stir and snuggle the closes object in reach, which was the laughing naughty angel herself.  His arm coiled around her bare skin waist as she attempted to escape from his grasp- failing miserably- making her gasp, his hand going further down south.

The tingly feel of her cool skin against his warm fingers made him smile inwardly. It was morning already. The sun was already shining through the window silk and the warm sleepy air that lay cozily around them bathe  in sunshine of early morning.

The brunette atop him chuckled with a smile as she kissed his closed eyelids, trying to wake the man beneath her up. Well, at least he could open his eyes. He was teasing her at that point. "Tyler" she whispered dipping closer to feel his chest rise and fall below her chest. The feel of his sinewy chest below her breast made her nipples hard. She gasp as she felt his mouth nipping mischievously on her shoulder. His eyes still shut. Mekaela moaned frustrated as she was.

In difficulty, Tyler stirred the third time of her call, his eyebrows furrowed together to figure out if he really wanted to leave his wonderful dream and the warm feel of Mekaela's body.

The brunette frowned when she saw a devil of a smile on his face.

So he's playing around, eh? Mekaela thought, as she knew she didn't like that smirk. It somewhat annoyed her, as that smirk didn't fade for a good long minute. She slightly pinched him on the cheek, awaking entirely the sleepy black lad.

"...That hurt." He said touching his bruised cheek, his emerald eyes peering at her amber ones.

"What- I didn't do anything."

A smile tugged his sinful lips. "Don't act so innocent, you little devil." He brought her hand to his lips and placed a chaste kiss on the back of her hand. "What you did last night was-" he hissed when he felt her nibble on the side of his neck where his weak point was.

"Incredible? Startling? Amazing?" She finished for him with giggles of suggestions.

Before he could do or say anything or even say 'Blissfully Torturing", Mekaela drew away from him and quickly grabbed anything below the bed that was the closes to her reach, which was his wrinkly white dress shirt. "You're going to be late," she said putting it on.

Right. Tyler thought for a second as his mind halted. He was supposed to stay for a short and quick stay with Mekaela but immediately after he kissed her, he forgot everything he had to do.

Nah, it's okay, he could always finish the documents at work. They weren't due yet anyways.

Jerking his head around to the side table, Tyler turned around to read the time on the bunny clock of hers. They were still in her room. Pfft, he had time. "Oh, don't try to change the subject, missy." He got off the bed, prying the sheets away from him, uncaring of his nudity; it's not like Mekaela hasn't seen him naked. But it certainly made Mekaela turn slightly virgin pink. "Come here."

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