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Applejack was talking to some relatives while the kids were hanging out with their cousins. " What's up Rainbow Dash!!!!!!" Someone screamed to my ear. I know that laud annoying high pitched voice. Pinkie pie. Now what's she doing here. " Pinkie? What are you doing here?" I asked her. " Well duh! Related. Remember? Also i wouldn't miss free cider." We laughed then she decided to go play tag with the younger members of the family. She's still acting like a 6 year old. I suddenly heard someone speak from the speakers. " All right everybody! It's time for some Apple family music! " looks like it was AppleBloom speaking. She planned the reunion this year. Applejack really wanted to but i think it's some kind of tradition. Whatever. Everyone got a pair to dance with. I searched for Aj. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turned around to see Aj. " Ya up for a dance?" " Totally." We danced and sung for the rest of the night.

Ok i have a feeling this book is getting boring. If not then enjoy this chapter . This is the last before death for them. I will make another AppleDash book . It will be up just after the last chapter. By the way sorry if this was too short for you. Have a wonderful day sugarcubes ! Bye!

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