You had me at Brunch

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I stared at myself in the mirror pulling my hair up from neck which suddenly felt as it were on fire as well as my chest and face. I splashed my cheeks with cold water and took a deep breath. Chris would probably want nothing more to do with me. I know he's pretty private, and now the whole world is aware that we are dating. Well WERE dating. He'll probably be on the next plane to Los Angeles to do damage control. The familiar sound of my ringtone and the vibration buzzing across my bed caught my attention. I wasn't sure I wanted to answer it but I made my way to the bed and picked it up anyway.

EVANS flashed across the screen. The image of him sticking his tongue out at me that I had saved as his contact picture lit up the screen. I debated for a split second before swiping right to answer the call.

"Hello?" I cleared my voice wiping the sleep from my eyes.

"Hey." His voice was deep and husky like he had just woken up. I had to force my knees not to buckle at the sound of it.

"Hey." I echoed slipping back into my bed.

"Did I wake you up?" He asked.

"No, Kirsten called me about 5 minutes ago and had the honor of doing that."

He laughed, "You'd sleep all day if you could."

"Probably." I agreed.

"So.....uhh...Scott said there's some stuff online about us. I'm guessing you haven't seen it."

"I have actually. That would be the reason Kirsten called me."

"Are you ok?"

I laughed, "Am I ok? Are you ok? I figured you'd be on your way out of Boston to do damage control."

"Damage control?" He sounded confused.

"Yeah. Letting everyone know it's not what it seems."

"Why would I do that?" He asked softly.

"Because it's out there, that we are together."

"We are together, right? Why would I deny it?"

"Because..." I was lost for words. "I mean...."

"Breelan, I am not ashamed that we're together, I don't care who knows. But that's my life and what I chose to accept and live with. That's not your life. You didn't ask for your intimate moments to be splashed across the internet."

"I wouldn't call it intimate. I mean how intimate is a bowling alley full of people?"

Chris chuckled. "Get dressed. I'm coming to pick you."


"Because I want to see you?" It was more a question then statement. "I'm taking you to lunch."

"Ok." I agreed. "Give me an hour. I need to shower."

"You have 20 minutes."

45 Minutes later I was sitting across from Chris at the local diner where we had agreed to order brunch, even though it was well passed noon.

"Do you have plans for Labor Day?" He asked before sticking a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"I don't think I have any plans." I grabbed my orange juice and took a long sip.

"My sister Carly is having a party, will you come?"

"Like a family party?" I cocked my head to the side.

"Yeah, family and friends." He grinned.

"Don't you think this is going a little fast?"

"Fast?" He raised an amused eyebrow. "You know my family. You've met them a bunch of times."

"Yes I know them as Scott's friend. Not as Chris's...girlfriend." I said delicately.

"As Scott's friend? Not Chris's friend? Ouch. You think you're better friends with Scott?"

"I know I'm better friends with Scott." I took another sip of orange juice and then reached across stealing the last piece of bacon from Chris's plate.

"How is that possible?"

"Because Scott and I talk, we don't make out." I said matter of factually.

"We talk." Chris sounded defensive.

"Yeah we talk." I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"Quiz me." He challenged leaning back in his chair with a smug look on his face.

"Quiz you?"

"Yeah. Ask me questions about you and we'll see how I do."

"Ok." I said thoughtfully. "Favorite color?"

"Yellow. Come one give me a hard one."

"Wow, ok." I was shocked he knew that. "Favorite tv show?"

"American Ninja Warrior." He laughed.

"Lucky guess."

"I said hard questions." He scoffed.

"Where did I get this scar?" I pointed to the barely noticeable blemish above my eyebrow.

Chris narrowed his eyes.

"Ha!" I taunted, "Stumped?"

He leaned forward across the table, "You fell off the slide when you were 4 and bumped your head."

My smile fell into a frown. "Did I tell you that story?"

"I'm hurt you don't remember every conversation we have."

"Please." I laughed.

"Hey I'm into more then just making out. But apparently you just want me for my looks." He grabbed a toothpick, unwrapping it quickly, he stuck it in his mouth, and then leaned back in his chair again.

"You're ok." I shrugged.

"Just ok?" How did he make chewing on a toothpick looks so damn sexy?

I swallowed and looked away. I needed to get through brunch without throwing myself across the table and ripping his shirt of.

"That's what I thought." He said his voice oozing of cockiness.

The waitress walked up to our table with the bill in hand, "Will this be on separate checks or one?"

"One. He's paying." I pointed to Chris with a sugary sweet smile.

Chris gave me a look but pulled his wallet out before smiling back at me.

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