(Q&Q) f*ngerb*nged in every building

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In Daddy's office the walls are screens. They're not showing anything interesting right now, just a live feed of The Forest District, sort of a tranquil vibe. There's no desk, just a sectional couch and a low table and two semi-uncomfortable chairs for the girls to sit in. There's the sound of running water? From somewhere? Like a chill secret garden, or like you're slowly drowning. Daddy is sitting up on the arm of the couch, staring at them, not saying anything.

Qannen & Qynka are holding their screens but not looking at them. But fidgeting because they really want to because there's nothing else happening.

Finally, after one million years, Daddy speaks. "How's it feel to have your time wasted?"

"OH COME ON!" Qannen screams. Qynka slumps down onto the floor.

"Your lives have value," Daddy continues. "Every moment you're not building your brand you're destroying your legacy." He looks at Qynka. "You got your screen stolen?"

"I was asleep," Qynka says, climbing back into her chair.

Daddy looks at Qannen like What does that even mean.

Qannen looks at Daddy like Don't ask me.

"We want our old Daddy back he was way less annoying," Qynka says.

"What if your driver thought it would be worth the risk to his brand partnerships to kidnap you or drop you off nowhere near your destination."

"We're too famous for that," Qannen says.

"Oh are you?" Daddy says. "Are you."

[Uncomfortable silence]

"You've both lost a lot of followers recently."

"It's a temporary setback," Qynka says.

"It's a thing. Qynka, you're free falling. You're about 11 seconds from everyone in this city forgetting your ubi. And Qannen you're not just caught in the blast radius here. Until the murder-"

"-Accidental death," Qynka says.

"-Qynka was at least trending, she was still gaining followers. But you've been stagnating. For a while."

"Pursuing my art," Qannen counters.

"Getting fingerbanged in every building in the city is not art."

Qannen almost stands up. Open-mouth horrified shock. "It absolutely-"

"Well it's not generating interest."

"Well, once I have some momentum going. You know, as an artist,,," Qannen motions with her hands but that seems to be the end of the sentence.

Daddy waves it away. "There is a gap between where you are and where you should have been by now. Where you deserve to be. I mean you feel that, right? Because if you don't agree with that, idek. We're done. I have nothing to offer you. I mean is this it for you? Is this as famous as you're ever going to get?"

The girls fidget with their screens.

"Look at the big picture with me. The whole arc." As he speaks a series of photos and videos from various stages of the girls' lives appear on the screen behind him. "You start out, you're born, right? Cute girls, amazing. Start off with a great bump just for being born to Isotania and Rogiriplex. Wood2 mega stars. I mean kudos. On top of which, another thing in your favor, you're both obnoxious little bitches."

"HEY," the sisters yell simultaneously.

"It's a compliment, people are obsessed with obnoxious little bitches. You're these bratty little rich girls who can't be told anything by anyone. I mean the things out of your mouths. What's not to love? It's fun, it's engaging. And growing up in your parents shadows, not easy, but it works. People are into it.

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