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Avery's POV:

Today's the first day of my job at the cafe near our school. I'm working as a part-time waitress over here and let's just say that the owner, Mrs Stan has been very patient and lovely with me. Everything was going well until I found out that Jace Hunter also works over here.

I mean he seems like a nice guy and has been very kind to me since I met him. So you might be thinking I'm being a bitch but I cant really seem to get a break with the whole Kyle Finlay and his followers thing. Like Seriously? Since I entered the school, everything in my life suddenly seems to revolve around Kyle.

And it's not only that Jace works over here, every day the whole group meets over here and has lunch. It's like their meet up spot. God, kill me!

"Hey! You okay?" Jace moves his hand infront of my face as he speaks.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I say as nonchantly as possible and get back to wiping the table off.

"Look, I dont know what I did to make you not like me but whatever it is, I'm sorry." He holds his hands out infront of him like he's surrendering that gives a look when an innocent child gets caught in something.

This makes a little smile breakout on my face and I say, "No need to apologise. It's not you. It's-"

"Kyle?" He asks as he smiles knowingly and I sigh in return.

"Yeah. I just dont know what to do with him. It's like we're friends a minute and then we're fighting against each other the next minute."

"I get it. Kyle can be a stubborn bastard sometimes." He says and smiles.

"Sometimes?" I ask him and he seems amused by my question.

As he starts to say something, my attention now becomes focused on something else entirely. James opens the door to the cafe and enters looking like he's thinking he's some kind of celebrity as he makes some jestures with his hands like everyone would be worshiping him the next minute.

James is followed by Kessa, Matt and Addison. Addison doesnt look out of place or anything. She looks comfortable with everyone around her. When her eyes meet mine, a wide smile stretches across her face and I smile in return. Kessa and Matt wave at me and this causes James to shift his attention unto me. His face stretches in a wide grin as we walks towards me.

"Oh look who do we have over here. Avery Tate. It's nice to be seeing you again." I roll my eyes at his over-the-top greeting.

"Well it's certainly not nice to be seeing your face so soon." I say and Jace laughs while Matt yells 'burn'.

"I'm hurt." James says as he puts his hand over his heart and pouts.

"Hey cuz!" Addison says while smiling at Jace.

"Oh not you again. What do you want?" Jace says in an annoyed voice but I can already see that he's fighting back a smile.

"A strawberry milk-shake with extra extra cream, please?" She says while showing her pearly white teeth to which Jace just rolls his eyes and gets back to making the shake. While Matt looks at addison softly and just smiles. Oh Oh, I know what's going on over here.

"You know I really really like you. And I love what you did to his shirts. Kyle looked pissed. Damn." James chuckles as his eyes shine mischeiviously towards me.

"Why, What did she do to his shirts?" Kessa asks looking between us.

"Oh baby. The less you know, the better." James says while chuckling as he answers kessa.

Speak of the devil and the devil arrives.

Kyle entered the cafe, taking his sunglasses off. Followed by a blonde girl like a dog follows her master.

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