Chapter 4

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Guys I've decided to make this a Fanfic :) . yay!~ lel ✌


Darren's pov

I was kinda shocked when they made an eye-contact .....

And a part of me kinda feels hurt........

What?! am I having feelings for her?


"Show starts in 5..4...3...2..."

I prayed to God for Guidance


Your pov

"Guys,get ready the show starts in a few minutes"Ate Kate our lead cellist said

"Yes ate :)"


Darren's pov

"lets us now call The Total performer Darren Espanto!"Kuya Luis said lively

This is it Darren!!

The music was starting to play and by the way I'm singing with Tito Martin Nievera :) Man he's such an amazing singer

I hear Cellos

Wow amazing just amazing

(A/N: guys imagine the finished already)

*claps *claps *Claps Audience

I took a bow with Tito Martin and I went back to the backstage

Your pov


Phew that was close .....

There it goes again the FEELS caused by Darren's amazing voice :")

I streched out my arms and I felt pain in my shoulders #ouch

"Ouch" I groaned in pain

"Are you okay?"A voice said

I turned around and I was surprised to see JK smile

"Um not really"

"Is it your shoulder?" He asks with caring eyes

"Yeah sort of "I added shyly

"Wait here..."He said walking away

I started to wiping the neck and body of the cello.


I turned around AGAIN

It was Darren he kinda looks happy and nervous at the same time

"You Okay?"

"Not really, I'm kinda nervous about the results" Darren said

"Oh, Don't be ;) With that performace of yours, I think you have a chance to have the title" I said with a warm smile

"Thanks :), That really helped a lot "

"Welcome" ;)


Aw man -_-||

"Here" JK suddenly appeared

He handed me some pain reliver patches

"Thanks JK :) I really apreciate it :) "

"Welcome ;)"

*dug *dug*dug*

ughhh dem

"JK you're up "

"Yes po kuya :) gotta go guys wish me luck ;)"he says with a wink

"Okay Bye Good luck!" Darren and I said


Halu guys :D

How was it ? :)

I want to dedicate this chap to one of my bestfriends : Evon Medico (soon to be Espanto) xD lel

Thanks for Reading!

Bye~  바이바이




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