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"Are you sure you know how to find all your classes?" I ask Tori for like the second time in the past five minutes.

She looks down at her locker combination on her class schedule before letting out a chuckle, "Yes, Tessa," she replies, inputting the combination.

After arriving to school and parking his car in his assigned spot, Tori and I split up from Josh so that we could pick up her class schedule from the office and find her locker. I was still a little worried about her, especially after this morning. But seeing the way she was acting at the moment, it was as if the little incident never happened.

I sigh, "Okay, well if you need anything my locker is by the computer lab," I bounce on the balls of my feet, nervously, "Or you can always just text me-"

"Ha!" Tori exclaims interrupting me. She opened her locker without any trouble, "On the first try!" she looks at me with her contagious triumphant smile. She puts her hand on my arm, "Sis, I'll be fine, okay?"

I can't resist so I smile back. I feel bad for hovering but I couldn't help it. The big sister in me wants Tori to have a smooth first day of high school, but she also needs space to grow and learn.

"Okay, I'm going to meet up with Caroline and Lara Jean," I say, taking out my phone from my back pocket. She nods, and I give her a quick side hug, "Good luck!"

"You too," she says, before I begin walking away.

The first day at Adler High was always beaming with energy. This meant however, that the hallways were crowded. Students were cleaning their lockers, friends were reuniting and telling each other their summer adventures, teachers were eager to meet new students, Link Crew and ASB students were showing the freshmen which way to go. It was only a matter of days before all this excitement died down.

As I'm making my way through the hallways, I text Caroline to meet me at my locker. We have our first class of the day together. As for Lara Jean, I'll probably see her by Josh's locker which was two class rooms away from mine, and then we would walk to class together. I try to ignore the small pang of jealousy in my stomach, luckily the sound of my phone snaps me out of it.

Text from: Caroline ❀

I'll be there :D

When I get to my locker, I slide my phone back to my pocket, but not before I sneak a glance at Josh, who is putting his jacket inside his locker. He looks at me, smiling and he waves. I do the same thing before turning back to my locker. I apply some lip gloss using the small mirror that I hung in there. Around it, I had decorated it with some polaroids of my friends and my family. I had a few other pics and stickers of my favorite things, but the one that I could not miss was one of a young Jon Cusack holding the boombox in Say Anything. It was my favorite movie.  After putting some notebooks inside, I close my locker only to find Josh leaning on the locker beside me.

I jump, "Joshy, what are you doing?" I say holding a hand over my heart. He scared me.

"The question is, what is she doing?" he answers concerned as he nods behind me.

I follow his gaze, and look behind me. I spot an uncomfortable- looking Lara Jean as Genevieve, the Queen Bitch, drops her rude and cruel comments at her. The same Genevieve that stole my bra and called my breasts "bee stings" in middle school. I feel anger travel through my body. One thing is messing me but with my friends, that's a different story.

"Don't worry," I tell Josh, calmly, "I got this," I start making my way towards the pair before Josh can stop me.

"Lara Jean! There you are!" I exclaim as I put my arm around her shoulders. She looks at me, and gives me a thank-you smile, and her body immediately relaxes. I look at Gen, and I smile, "Gen! I didn't see you there, how are you?"

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